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A risk management approach to transform change management

Sharing an approach with you in improvement registries and project and task prioritization. Most significantly, this approach is a great way to calculate risks associated with proposed changes. With a change approval board (CAB) in place, meeting daily for thirty minutes to review ten to twenty change requests of all sizes and risk levels.

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The Problem

There were unclear definitions around the process, with subjective methods to understand priority, impact, and risk levels. There were also minimal boundaries such as lead times and change windows. The result was that all change requests were being treated the same, generally labeled as high priority, high positive impact, and low risk.

The Vision

Above all else, change management is about risk. Have we clearly identified the risk when implementing a change? Have we mitigated risk to an acceptable level to prevent production issues? Do we know if we can quickly test and back out of the change if a failure occurred?

The Challenge

First thing’s first, we had to fix the risk calculator. Risk calculators come in all forms – simple and subjective to complex and time-consuming. We needed a calculator which was quick, simple, clear, consistent, complete and foundational – something which could be completed in five to fifteen minutes and provide a realistic risk level while answering core questions the CAB needs to know during review.

A Unique Approach

Hoshin Kanri is a process used in strategic planning in which strategic goals are communicated and put into action. This is a top-down approach, meaning everything is evaluated throughout an organization against those goals. This approach amplified scores to allow you to see subtle value differences between two projects which otherwise appeared the same.

Expected Results

The approach was easy for the practitioners to adopt. With a clear view into risk, we were able to focus on the right changes in the CAB meetings, spending little time on low-risk changes and focusing on medium and high risk changes. This simplified our meeting, where we only asked for questions related to low-risk changes, which were the majority of change requests, and only talked through the medium-risk changes. High risk changes were covered by separate CAB meetings just for that change request.

What You Need To Know

We didn’t live on ITIL Island, where the sun shines, birds sing, and our processes are in perfect harmony, but we do harness the best practices of ITIL, tailored for our organizations. And this can look different as you adapt it to your organization. It focuses on people, process, and the tool, with a unique but not complex approach.

In the end, we caused behavior change by a pull-versus-push method, using a data-driven, repeatable, and predictable approach.

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