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Support your remote contact centers

Covid-19 has drastically changed the landscape of contact center. Remote working was a thing before even pandemic but not for this long. Managers are facing some challenges like keeping the agents productive, scheduling and much more. The managers have to figure out ways by which the teams will stay motivated, productively engaged.

So what are the basic requirements that would be needed to cope up with this changing landscape and how can you evolve to ensure you’re getting the best performance and customer satisfaction possible, wherever you can?


Here are some ideas on how best to support your agents:


Before hiring a candidate, you have to make sure that the agent is responsible and self-motivated to do the job. You might have to look for completely different people compared to your traditional hires. You’re going to need self-starters who are motivated and that aren’t afraid to speak up as they settle into their new role.

Once you find the right candidate, you need to integrate them effectively into the organization. You need to ensure your new agents aren’t just thrown in the deep-end. Make sure you have a robust onboarding process where:

  • Each new team-member gets to meet their team and key managers in the business. Give them a feel for your company culture even if it’s only via video calls.
  • You can cover all the HR aspects and get the admin out of the way as quickly as possible.
  • You can ease new team-members into the role by showing them the systems and procedures through video training.
Appoint a mentor

– when working in an office employee always have the assistance from their co-workers, but working from home does not offer that. Therefore, a person/supervisor could be assigned for your new hire, which he can go to when they’re feeling anxious or have any questions as they settle into the role, and encourage them to schedule regular, virtual coffee meetings.

Equipping with best tools

AI and voice analytics are changing the way in which many businesses operate and contact centers are no different. Conversational analytics will help you to analyze the vocabulary and sentiment in your most established performers and pick up on where new starters are struggling, too. This is so important when you’re unable to stroll around your call center and listen into conversations taking place.


Automating the intensive process of monitoring agent-customer interactions at scale can help to highlight which agents might need further training, and on what in particular. Also, there are repetitive call center tasks, such as listening to agents’ calls and manually evaluating agent’s performance or screening the calls for quality assurance that can be automated to make the role more enjoyable. Given automation is a proven way to reduce attrition investing in automation makes even more sense when you look at the numbers.

The customer is always king

Everyone have heard it before that customer is always right but it is very important to make sure that your agents always remember this. Help your agents to understand what makes your customers tick, the variety of different requirements and to share experiences with their peers to help better the experience for all. It’s also important to remind your team, no matter how difficult the client interaction is, that being polite and positive will pay dividends.

Motivating teams by celebrating success openly

The teams put in a lot of hard-work to meet the expectations of the customers. And it is justified to acknowledge their efforts time and again. Awards and praises persuade the teams to put an effort in being effective and efficient.

About ZRG

Founded in 1994, ZRG International is an ICT solutions company with a major focus on customer interaction technologies and solutions. We offer experience and innovation to help businesses manage customer relationship and achieve higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

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ZRG has an experienced and knowledgeable team capable of quickly designing and adding tailor-made features in our solutions for site-specific requirements. By using open standards systems, specifications and protocols, we ensure maximum flexibility and future growth of our solutions. We use innovative techniques to deliver latest features and integration capabilities in a most cost-effective manner. Our deployment team has successfully completed all our projects well before the deadlines.

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