Fazal Din’s Pharma Plus

In 1860, Sheikh Noor Elahi, who came from an agrarian background in Gurdaspur, established a general store in Dalhousie, which was a hill station on the border of Kashmir and Punjab in un-divided India.

After migration to Lahore in 1947 their first venture was a retail pharmacy located on the Mall, which was started by Mumtaz A. Sheikh. This pharmacy is still located in the same place. This was a start to the Fazal Din’s Group as it exists today and today the company is over 150 years old. The name Fazal Din’s stands out for its commitment to quality and reliability as we take innumerable steps to ensure the genuineness of the medicine that is sold through our FDPP stores. Realising the need for modern chain store pharmacies where only quality and genuine medicines are available.

Fazal Din’s Pharma Plus (FDPP) was born in 1995 with the objective of opening up pharmacies all over Pakistan. At present we have over 70 retail outlets in Punjab and are growing. At FDPP all sales and billings are fully computerised and the stores are managed by professional and qualified A-class pharmacists. Good history makes for a promising future — we have kept our independent pharmacy business thriving for over 70 years by combining solid business skills with innovative ideas to provide the highest level of care and attention for your safety and wellness. As today’s market place is vastly different from previous years’, the number of pharmacies has grown rapidly and is competing for your business. Despite the highly competitive landscape, Fazal Din’s Pharma Plus (FDPP) still focuses on healthcare facilities and the wellbeing of their customers. We are committed to providing a safe source of pharmaceutical and consumer products at affordable prices. We are continually investing in ways to offer you enhanced healthcare solutions. As far as we are concerned, there can be no other measure of success than the health and wellness of our customers.

Thru franchising, we have greatly expanded in Pakistan in the last 10 years to extend this wellbeing facility to more Pakistanis. Our current systems have been tweaked and perfected to ensure very smooth running. We are proud partners of over 60 franchises in Punjab at the moment.

We are happy to consider a franchising partnership to any interested party committed to growth.

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