China Mobile shares rise in Shanghai debut after US exit:

China Mobile shares have risen as they started trading in Shanghai after raising $7.7bn (£5.7bn) in China’s biggest public offering in a decade. The shares opened 9.4% higher before ending the day just 0.5% higher. China Mobile’s smaller rivals, China Telecom and China Unicom, have already made the move to their home country. The three firms were delisted from the New York Stock Exchange after a Trump-era decision to restrict investment in Chinese technology companies.

Asus Launches “The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Tablet”:

Gaming on a tablet is not really a thing, but Asus wants to change things around with the ROG Flow Z13 which is marketed as “the world’s most powerful gaming tablet”. The company has fitted this tablet with Intel’s latest processors as well as Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series GPUs. The Flow Z13 is a tablet/laptop hybrid with an attachable keyboard and a 13.4-inch screen. This screen can either be 1080p 120Hz or 4K 60Hz, but both options have Adaptive Sync, Dolby Vision support, and color accuracy validated by Pantone. The slate is only 12mm thick, making it highly portable.

These New Displays From Samsung Can Fold in Unique Ways:

Motorola, Oppo, Huawei, and now Samsung, all of them have wandered into the realm of foldable tech in the past, however, they’ve still got a lot to catch up with when compared to what’s Samsung has shown off for its foldable tech. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, Samsung has unveiled four new foldable displays including three new panels for smartphones and a display that could be used in a foldable laptop.

New Technology Can Fix Your Dead Battery and Make it Better Than Before:

Lithium batteries are known to have a very limited life span. They either lose most of their battery life or just stop working entirely within a few years, which is why recycling them is so important. However, researchers at Stanford University have found a way to bring them back to life with even more capacity than before. This could significantly extend the battery life of electric vehicles and electronic gadgets in the future.

Sony to Launch its First Electric SUV This Year:

With the modern electric vehicles (EVs) gradually becoming smart devices on wheels, the actual smart device manufacturers are being drawn to compete in the global car industry. Sony made waves across the tech and car industries in 2020 by revealing their Vision S-01 EV concept sedan at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). At the time, Sony claimed that it had no intentions to produce and sell its electric sedan and that they only plan to offer autonomous driving solutions to other automotive marques. However, this year, the Japanese tech giant has embraced the hype and is planning to enter the market soon with the Vision S-02 crossover SUV concept.

Samsung’s New Device is a 3-in-1 Projector, Smart Speaker and a Light Bulb:

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, Samsung introduced its Freestyle projector, pushing the limits to what defines a television. The Samsung Freestyle is an all-in-one projector, smart speaker, and ambient lighting device. Moreover, the lightweight device is only 830 grams. With the Freestyle, Samsung tried its best to address many of the issues that are typically faced by portable projectors. Moreover, the Full HD resolution of the device combats the issue of the low image quality of portable projectors.

Intel’s New Laptop CPUs Are Faster Than Apple’s M1 MacBooks:

Intel’s 12th generation Alder Lake processors became official for desktops back in October last year and Intel is finally announcing its H CPUs for laptops with massive performance gains. As we already know, the Alder Lake Intel CPUs are based on a hybrid design with separate performance cores and 8 efficiency cores. This is the first time Intel is using such a design for laptops, which should not only improve performance but power efficiency as well.

Careem Pakistan Appoints Feroz Jaleel as Country Head:

Careem, the Super App of the greater Middle East and Pakistan, has appointed Feroz Jaleel as Country Head for Pakistan, its biggest market in the region. Feroz started his Careem journey in Pakistan over four years ago as part of the core team launching ride-hailing. Since then he has played a key role in leading operational efficiencies across Careem’s markets as Vice President of Strategic Finance.

Here’s What Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Cost:

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to make an impressive debut this year. With the production of the Galaxy Note series halted for good and the rumors of S22 Ultra housing some of the exclusive Note features, we expect big things from this upcoming premium flagship. According to the rumors going around, the S22 Ultra will feature a 6.8-inch Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. Under the hood, the device is expected to house the Exynos 2200 or the Dimensity 9000 chipset, depending on the market it’s being sold in, and is rumored to pack 8/12 GB RAM with 512 GB of internal storage.

Pakistani Startups Raised 5x More Funding in 2021 than 2020:

Pakistan’s nascent startup ecosystem raised $373 million in investments in 2021, which was a growth of almost five times over $77 million in 2020. A total of 95 percent of this investment came from foreign investors, including very well-known international venture capitalists. Also, with investment news almost every other week, it would not be wrong to call 2021 ‘the Year of Pakistani Startups’. The growth of the investments in the Pakistani ecosystem has been driven by ‘Wapistanis’ or Pakistani expatriates returning to the country to launch new startups by harnessing local talent at a lower cost than abroad.

TP Link’s New Internet Router Can Automatically Improve Wi-Fi Signals:

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attracts all kinds of innovative next-gen products for the year and that is exactly what we got to see this year as well. Chinese manufacturer TP-Link had something to show off as well called the Archer AXE200 Omni router. TP Link’s prototype router is able to adjust its antennas to provide the best Wi-Fi signals to its users. The antennas are folded when the router is off but will automatically rotate around to find the best possible signal strength once it’s turned on. It is unclear how practical this feature is, but it certainly makes for an amusing function.

The companies offering delivery to the Moon:

Not many people can say they have a doctorate in interplanetary navigation, but Tim Crain can. While working on his PhD in Austin, Texas, in the 1990s he hoped one day to work on missions to Mars and in 2000 he landed his dream job with Nasa, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. “In 2000, the idea was, we would finish the space station in just a matter of years, and then the next big human spaceflight project would be to move on to Mars,” he says.

Drone helps save cardiac arrest patient in Sweden:

An autonomous drone has helped to save the life of a 71-year-old man who was suffering a cardiac arrest. The drone delivered a defibrillator to a doctor helping the man, who became ill while shovelling snow outside his house in Trollhattan, Sweden. The man, who didn’t wish to be named, told the BBC it was “fantastic” that it arrived so quickly. The company behind the drone says it meant that defibrillation could begin before the arrival of an ambulance.

NFT marketplace OpenSea valued at more than $13bn:

An online marketplace OpenSea says it is now worth $13.3bn (£9.8bn) following a new investment of $300m. The platform enables trade in NFTs (non-fungible tokens), unique pieces of digital code that can be associated with a digital asset such as a work of digital art. Some NFTs have sold for millions of dollars. OpenSea says trades on the platform rose 600-fold last year, but some critics say the valuation is too high.

Bulli Bai app: Fourth man held over auction of Muslim women:

Indian police have arrested the alleged creator of an app that shared photos of more than 100 Muslim women saying they were on “sale”. Neeraj Bishnoi, 20, is the fourth person to be held in connection with this case. The app – “Bulli Bai” – was hosted on GitHub, which has since taken it down amid widespread anger and outrage. This was the second attempt in months to harass Muslim women by sharing their images in a fake auction.

Italian mafia boss caught after Google Maps sighting in Spain:

An Italian mafia boss who has been on the run for decades has been arrested after he was spotted on Google Maps. Gioacchino Gammino, 61, was found in Galapagar, Spain, where he was living under the name Manuel. A Google Street View shot showing a man resembling Gammino standing in front of a grocery shop was key to tracking the fugitive, investigators say. Gammino escaped a Rome prison in 2002 and was sentenced to life in jail the following year for murder.

Vodafone and EE delay EU roaming charges return:

Vodafone is delaying the reintroduction of roaming charges in Europe by three weeks. The phone network had planned to bring in post-Brexit roaming fees on 6 January, matching other networks that plan to do so in 2022. But it said more time was needed for testing, and the change will now come in at the end of January.

Why BlackBerry held the tiny keys to my heart:

Many vintage BlackBerry phones will stop working reliably after Tuesday as the company turns off support for its operating system and associated services. For journalist Bill Wilson, it means the retirement of a faithful workhorse. Over the years it’s not just Blackberry phone user numbers that have dwindled, but support and functions have dropped away one by one. Support for many apps, including BBC iPlayer and WhatsApp, was withdrawn from BlackBerry OS devices, and not long ago YouTube stopped working too.

Wordle creator promises viral game will stay simple and ad-free:

A free and simple online word game that has gone viral will never become attention-grabbing or ad-laden, its creator has promised. Wordle challenges people to find a five-letter word in six guesses, with a new puzzle published every day. It has amassed a following of 300,000 people in three months. But creator Josh Wardle told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he never intended for it to go viral and wants to maintain its simplicity.

John Deere unveils automated tractor at CES show:

Farm equipment maker John Deere has unveiled its first automated tractor that can till a field without a driver. The heavy-duty machine can be activated by smartphone, using cameras and sensors to navigate farmland. Instead of being a new machine, the automated functions are a kit that can be added to some existing tractors. But John Deere said it has not decided if it will sell the kit directly – and is considering a lease or subscription model.

Kosovo bans cryptocurrency mining after blackouts:

Kosovo has banned the mining of cryptocurrencies to curb electricity use as it grapples with an energy crisis caused by soaring global prices. The government says security services will identify and clamp down on sources of cryptocurrency mining. The mining is energy intensive and involves verifying digital transactions to get cryptocurrencies as a reward. While all of Europe faces sharp price rises, Kosovo is enforcing rolling blackouts amid an electricity shortage.

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