CAP - top consumer relief body in Pakistan

CAP – top consumer relief body in Pakistan

Interview with Mr Kaukab Iqbal, founder and Chairman Consumers’ Association of Pakistan

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself and your career?

Kaukab Iqbal: I am founder and Chairman of the Consumers Association of Pakistan, serving as Board of Director Universal Service Fund Ministry of Information Technology Government of Pakistan, Convener FPCCI Central Standing Committee on Consumers Protection & Adulteration 2021, Vice Chairman National Standards Committee – Management System Standard Division (MSSD), Member Task Force Commissioner Karachi, Lifetime Member Art Council of Pakistan, Vice Chairman Pakistan Economic Forum, Member Technical Advisory Committee Sindh Health Care Commission, President Pakistan Sri Lanka Friendship Association & Member of Amnesty International. By qualification I did B.Tech Hon. as well as Executive MBA in Marketing. It is my eager desire to fight against all the odds to make drastic and pleasant changes in the life style of Pakistani Consumers keeping in view consumers’ protection and their legitimate rights. My struggle comprises over more than two decades working for Consumers’ Rights, awareness, their protection, regulation of rules and implementation of laws for the benefit of consumers.

PAGE: How would you comment on the Consumer Rights in Pakistan since its Independence?

Kaukab Iqbal: Since Independence Pakistani Consumers have suffered a lot because there was no regulatory body or authority to protect Consumers’ Rights. Due to this miserable fact, I started work for consumers’ cause in early 2000. People were surprised to hear the idea of Consumers’ Rights in Pakistan and at last due to our continuous efforts Consumers’ Association of Pakistan was founded in 2003 which is a non-government, No Profit and non-political Organization formed by volunteer individuals who believe in developing sustainable consumption in Pakistan.

PAGE: What are the achievements of Consumer Association?

Kaukab Iqbal: Due to strenuous and untiring efforts of Consumers’ Association of Pakistan which organizes conferences, seminars, talk shows, roadshows and festivals for creating awareness among general consumers about their legitimate rights, Consumers’ Protection Departments have been established in State Bank Head Office, Pakistan Telecom Authority and Civil Aviation Authority Head Office to safeguard consumers’ interest as well as to provide immediate relief to consumers. Moreover, Consumers’ Association of Pakistan has played vital role in legislation and enforcement of Consumers’ Act throughout the country. After enactment of Consumers’ Act, Food Authorities are working for the benefits of Consumers as well as Consumers Courts are giving relief to consumers. That is why Consumers’ Association of Pakistan has now become the largest consumer body in Pakistan working for consumer cause and it is considered the Voice of Consumers.

PAGE: How would CAP celebrate Independence Day this year?

Kaukab Iqbal: 14th August 2021, our 74th Independence Day will be celebrated with great zeal and fervor. We have so many programs for this day. We intend to further promote national spirit on this day whereas more and more talk shows, rallies and roadshows will be organized to pay rich tributes to our national heroes and new oath will be renewed to declare that in order to serve our motherland Pakistan, every effort will be taken for its glory and progress.

PAGE: Your views on the image of Pakistan in the global arena?

Kaukab Iqbal: Now, world looks at Pakistan as a country with positive changes. I told you earlier that I want to see my motherland Pakistan a progressive, beautiful, peaceful and prosperous state among the row of developed nations that is why I have eager desire to make pleasant changes in the life style of consumers keeping in view Consumers’ Protection and their legitimate rights.

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