Evaluate your communication center’s mission statement

Being in the communication center industry, you cannot observe the same routine daily. Each day is different from other. You cannot have the same day twice, but it does not mean that we cannot do planning. Having strong planning helps you to determine your goal, you can start strong, and you can effectively and efficiently work when the problem arises.


Have you ever evaluated the efficiency of your communication center goal? Do you think you are following necessary processes to achieve its goal?

To evaluate your communication center goal, we will be asking you some questions which allow you to assess some of your company’s processes to identify where your company’s strength lies and where would be the gaps. The total score would be between 0 to 10. We will give marks to each question so that you can have the better understanding of your strengths, or you can plan and work better to achieve your goals or just simply close those gaps. This of this checkup as you would likely do for your car.

In the beginning, we will start with your communication center’s mission statement. The communication center has its own mission statement associated with the company’s mission statement, or it may utilize the company’s mission statement. Overall, your presence in the company is to achieve the purpose of communication center or to achieve the company’s goal. By making your presence valuable, you can serve as a faithful employee to achieve its mission. A clear mission of the company is like the guiding star which aids you in making company wide and individual wide decision making.

Evaluation of the Mission Statement:

Following are the few questions which help you todetermine that your communication center mission statement is just the series of words that is written of your company’s wall, or it provides direction to achieve the goals.

Read your mission statement and evaluate:
When reading our mission statement:

The existence of our communication center is clear.
It only explains what we do, not the reasoning.
It does not explain what we do or why we do it.

Length of our mission statement:

3 to 5 sentences.
6 to 10 sentences.
1 to 2 sentences.

Current and future employees:

Will be able to understand what we do.
Does not under our moto or what makes us different with other contact center.
Easily understand our moto.

Our current mission statement:

Can easily be explain by more than 70% of the employees.
Can be explain by 40% to 70% of the employees.
Can be explain by less than 40% of the employees.

If customers read our mission statement:

It can be easily understandable by more than 75%.
Between 45% to 75% would understand it.
Less than 45% would understand it.

What defines an effective mission statement?

Should be brief, clear, and concise.
Your center’s mission statement should link with the company’s mission statement.
The stakeholders should take part in developing the mission statement.
It should be inspirational.
Should explain your company’s strength and what makes them different from competitors.
Easily understandable are current and future employees and clients.

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