Ismail Iqbal Securities (IISPL) – a household name

Ismail Iqbal Securities (Pvt) Limited (IISPL), with its inception in the year 2004, became a Corporate Member of the Karachi Stock Exchange. IISPL is presently a TREC holder of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, as well as an SECP registered Underwriter and Book Runner. IISPL also holds BMR3 in Broker Management Rating and A(-) in Entity Rating given by PACRA. The Company is committed to providing a comprehensive range of products and services to its clients by offering a combination of quality products and bundles of sophisticated financial services and investment opportunities for its individual as well as corporate clients. IISPL extensively provides core financial services in the following areas with major focus on institutionalized and high net-worth individual clients /retail investors.

IISPL’s Equities trading desk comprises of highly experienced professionals who help clients make profitable and timely investment decisions as well as to effortlessly execute their trades. The investment advisory that they provide is closely tailored to suit the needs of each client so that they may benefit the most. The traders work in close conjunction with the Research Team in order to give the best and timely investment advice, tips and strategies.

IISPL provides clients with software which gives them the ability to buy and sell stocks, view their own portfolios and statements, confirm orders, view live markets, and access historical price data, among other services.

IISPL also offers a Smartphone app that enables clients to buy and sell stocks, view their portfolios and statements, confirm orders, view live markets, and access historical price data, among other services.


IISPL is counted in the top 10 brokerage houses of the country in terms of research quality and other client services. IISPL won Best Equity Research Report (Runner up) 2020 and Best Equity Trader (Runner up) 2019 at CFA Society Pakistan Awards. The house is responsible for around 4% of the average daily volume of the ready and up to 15% of the future equity market.

IISPL is also actively engaged in corporate finance transactions. Some of the top transactions include Book Runner for Pakistan’s largest IPO – Interloop Limited (ILP) which raised Rs5 billion, and At-tahur (PREMA) IPO. Ismail Iqbal Securities (Private) Limited (IISPL) has become a household name in a relatively short span of time.

The Research Team at IISPL comprises of professionals who are constantly vigilant in order to provide investors with accurate analysis and recommendation on a timely basis. Its team currently consists of five analysts who, apart from the macro-economy, actively cover the following sectors: Banks, Cements, Construction Steel, Flat and Tubular Steel, Fertilizers, Automobile Assemblers and Parts, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Oil Marketing Companies and Transport.

The team actively covers over 35 companies in detail belonging to the above-mentioned sectors. Moreover, it constantly monitors all listed companies, regardless of whether they are actively covered or not, in order to keep an eye on any material investment opportunity. The five analysts in the Research Team are graduates of top universities of Pakistan and abroad.

Key research products
Early Look:

A daily report issued before the Pakistan Stock Exchange opens which gives a briefing on important equity drivers, news for the day and a recommendation for the day’s trading.

Earnings Review/Preview:

A report issued during the earnings season to update clients on the expectations before results announcements as well as analysis subsequent to the announcement.

Valuation Update:

An update on the target prices and earnings expectations of stocks under coverage.

Company/Sector/Economy Update:

An update related to any stock, sector or the economy as a whole, which affects the stocks listed on the exchange in any way.

Annual Strategy/Budget Report:

An extensive strategy on the outlook for coming year, covering all major aspects of economy and listed sectors. Budget Report includes analysis on the federal budget announced each year and its implications for the economy and stock market.

The Roundup:

A daily report on the market after it closes, including a recommendation for the next session and notice of important upcoming events.

Weekly Commodity update:

Identifying trends in commodity price movements and highlighting the reasons behind the movements.

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