EPIC is like you’re drinking your way to success, fame, and fortune

Epic Aims to Reach Those who Have a Determination to Make Transformation

The national beverage market of Pakistan has been on a rise, because of buying potential. For this reason, one hears of new products coming about on a regular basis. Lately, there is a new arrival awaiting response – Epic, an energy drink that strives to provide a podium to the ambitious professionals of the nation. Additionally, its strategy suggests Epic aims for betterment and success, in terms of economical and professional outcomes. How so? The approach of this new drink is to hit those households that dream of vocational victory and that includes the highfliers, the self-starters, the go-getters, and the dreamers of the land. And as curious as we are, we do wonder if it’s really going to do as promised. Will it? We got in touch with the CEO of Epic, Omair Mateen, to find out.

Q- Can you give us an insight on your background, and how Epic came about?

A. Our background has been business oriented for decades. We have been involved in the beverage industry since the ‘80s, and today, we’re one of the largest companies in imported food and beverages in Pakistan. Additionally, we’re also into real estate, manufacturing, and software development, and that too, since 1955. We’ve distributed various brands of beverages and juices in Pakistan, and we’ve also launched energy drinks, all of which have been a major success. Additionally, we were responsible for the distribution of Red Bull till 2013, and after that, it was decided that Pakistan needed a change. That’s how Epic originated. It is that change the nation requires in our field.

Q- What exactly is the idea behind Epic?

A. The idea behind Epic is to provide stimulation, confidence, and a boost of possible results to those who own the will to achieve all that they have dreamed of. It is accomplishment in a can. The concept of Epic is to reach those who have the determination to make a transformation. We’re the transformation for those who dare to transform, and in the modern world, variation is but a necessity. Hence, our idea is to enter the market with a promise, an assurance, and a guarantee, as Epic is not just talk. It’s an interesting and favorable stimulator that can aid in achieving all that you’ve wanted to get, and I believe that it’s going to be doing very well amongst our audience in the near future.

Q- What, according to you, makes Epic stand out as compared to its competition?

A. Epic is a strong product, for the reason that it’s original, unique, and of immense potential. It stands apart from the rest because of the promise it delivers – Epic guarantees results. It promises not only energy, but action. By action, we mean Epic promises a go-getter the stimulation required for him/her to get up, go, and achieve. It’s an international product, and it is doing wonders with its audience. Also, Epic stands out because it assures an enhancement to those on the lookout to accomplish and achieve, and therefore, it is not just another energy drink. It is a mental stimulator. It’s a guarantee, and a positive result.

Q- We’ve been seeing that the strategy of your product is to cater to professionals. Why is that?

A. With the modern world aiming for success, we thought of catering to the requirements of those who are willing to make a difference, and be the face of success. Epic is just that – it’s the modification a visionary needs to believe he/she can make it happen at any cost. We’re living in a world of professionals, and we have young women and men who dream big, and wish to make them come to life. Epic is the reality of their dreams – it’s like you’re drinking your way to success, fame, and fortune.

Q- Your target audience would be the young ones of the nation?

A. Not necessarily, for the reason that vision and ambition have no age or time attached to it. Epic’s target audience is those who believe in action, and that could be a CEO like me as well. It’s an energy drink for those who are goal oriented, the dreamers, the high-achievers, the business minded, the skilled, and so on.

Q- What would make a professional choose Epic over any other energy drink?

A. We stand out for various reasons, and the top reason is the intention of Epic itself. Epic has been designed specifically for the professionals, or for those who own the will to accomplish. It is more like an intellectual stimulator than a regular energy drink. Lastly, it’s an award-winning drink, and internationally recognized. Hence, Epic’s portfolio is stronger than the rest.

Q- What was the thought process behind bringing Epic to Pakistan?

A. Pakistan is a market of diversity. Within this market are the visionaries, the dreamers, and the doers. We believe that those people require a product to cerebrally stimulate them, as we strongly sense that Pakistan is a nation of talent and skill. We are of the view that Epic is the drink for those people, and our aim is to reach them, and to fulfill their visions by providing a boost of confidence and energy. We believe in their vision, and Epic strongly has faith in the talent of the nation.

Q- What exactly is the brand personality of Epic?

A. Epic is the fuel a dreaming professional needs to go out there and achieve. It’s fresh, energetic, full of life, and loaded with potential. Epic is freedom, will, emotional power, mental energy, liveliness, dynamism, and strength. It is also consistency, persistence, and drive. Epic entails all the qualities of those who dare to dream, and are willing to fly to achieve those dreams.

Q- What are your goals for Epic?

A. Our goal is to enter the urban population with an energy stimulator that is affordable, accessible, within reach, and for the dynamos. We want Epic to be for the pros, which means we want to hit the career oriented, the young ones in colleges and universities, and those who wish to sail in success. Our goals revolve around them – to give them a drink that’s reliable, easy to purchase, and easy on the pockets, with guaranteed results.

Q- Since your goal is to cater to the urban population of Pakistan, what, according to you, would be classified as the personality traits of your target audience?

A. The target audience of Epic is not gender biased. It’s for both men and women, girls and boys. The Epic consumer is an individual who dreams big. He/she is full of ideas, goals, ambitions, and drive. He/she is a doer, is action oriented, and focuses on opportunity and results. It could be that hard-working student in college, or that girl who dreams of starting her own beauty salon, or that mother who wants to start her own school, and so on. In conclusion, Epic is for those who want to thrive in their careers.

Q- What do you think about growth opportunities in the market as far as Epic is concerned?

A. There is a massive market for various sorts of beverages, because the consumer is active, and open to new experiences. Also, Epic is an advanced drink that comes with a small price range. We are hitting the urban population of Pakistan, whereas other energy drinks do not focus on that segment, and for that reason, I believe that Epic is going to create a storm. Other energy drinks focus on that one percent of the population that comes in the elite brackets. Epic, on the other hand, is for every dreamer, every high-achieving student, each professional, and anywhere and everywhere in the nation.

Q- What are some of the challenges you have faced in the beverage industry?

A. There are plenty of challenges all face when a new product is in the market. We’ve had to face a handful as well, from adapting to packaging changes, to recipe formulations, taxes control, positioning, and so on. However, challenges are always dealt with, as that’s how we better ourselves.

Q- Do you believe that there may be chance Epic fails to make an impression in the beverage industry of Pakistan, considering there’s so much competition?

A. The answer to that is a simple no. The reason is that the food and beverage industry of Pakistan is thriving. The consumer market of the industry we are in is strong, and it grows regularly. Our consumers want new products to taste and experience, and it’s an ongoing process. Also, Epic focuses on that part of the market that’s open to new products and new experiences – we’re aiming in the right directions. We’re very sure that Epic will be a favorite amongst those we plan to cater to.

Q- How confident are you in your product?

A. We are promising results, as our product is promising. Epic is capable enough to make it to the most favored energy drink of Pakistan – it’s affordable, caters to the major chunk of the consumer market, is easily available, tastes good. Also, it guarantees fast results.

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