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Experts and progressive farmers have proposed investing in seed development, researching new varieties, and monitoring seed quality. These ideas were shared during the Farmers’ Day organised by the Seed Production and Development Centre (SPDC) of Sindh Agriculture University, held at the SAU Senate Hall, Hyderabad on Thursday (March 7).

Addressing the gathering, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Jan Mohammad Marri stressed the urgency of providing farmers with better seeds, modern technology, and improved marketing access to enhance agricultural productivity and alleviate poverty.

Dr. Noor Mohammad Baloch, Director General of Agriculture Research Sindh, acknowledged the increased responsibilities facing institutions like Sindh Agriculture University, Agriculture Research Sindh, Nuclear Institute of Agriculture, and the private sector in ensuring the availability of certified seeds, especially given the inefficiency of Sindh Seed Corporation. He expressed willingness to collaborate with stakeholders to address seed-related challenges.

Zahid Bhurgri, General Secretary of the Sindh Chamber of Agriculture, raised concerns about the 100% increase in farmers’ expenses over the past two years. He highlighted the reliance on seeds from Punjab, with many companies marketing substandard products unchecked. He urged the government to continue providing special grants to support agriculture and research, proposing a budget allocation of 40 billion rupees for this purpose.

Dr. Riazuddin, representing the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, recommended registering superior seed varieties in Sindh and improving the quality of matured crops.

Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Soomro, Director of SPDC, emphasised the success of Sindh Agriculture University in diversifying wheat and cotton varieties and announced ongoing registration phases for two cotton varieties.

Dr. Mohammad Ismail Khumbhar, Dr. Shah Nawaz Marri, Dr. Shabana Memon, Mir Abdul Kareem Talpur, Javed Khan, Abdul Latif Leghari, and Muhammad Fahad Arain, along with representatives from progressive farmers, professors, students, and seed companies, actively participated and delivered speeches during the event. The Pro Vice Chancellor and other dignitaries also visited the agricultural university’s seed fields.