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The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) experienced a bullish trend on Wednesday (February 21), with the 100-index gaining 1,094.91 points, a positive change of 1.81%, closing at 61,559.16 points.

Throughout the day, the market showed positivity, reaching an intraday high of 61,621 points and a low of 60,907 points. This surge in the market was largely attributed to recent political developments, notably the consensus among major political parties to form a coalition government. Investors reacted positively to the news, anticipating improved economic reforms and policy continuity under a coalition government.

A total of 362,771,035 shares valued at Rs12.492 billion were traded during the day. Among the 347 companies transacting shares, 242 recorded gains, 84 sustained losses, and 21 remained unchanged.

The top trading companies included Bank of Punjab with 35,437,903 shares at Rs6.24 per share, K-Electric Limited with 28,619,621 shares at Rs4.30 per share and WorldCall Telecom with 21,425,569 shares at Rs1.29 per share.
Indus Motor Company Limited saw the highest increase in share price, rising by Rs 53.66 to close at Rs 1,548.08, followed by Mari Petroleum Company Limited with a Rs 45.11 increase to Rs2,202.46 per share. Conversely, Pakistan Services Limited experienced the maximum decrease, dropping by Rs50.00 to close at Rs 820.00, followed by Thal Limited with a Rs9.46 decline to Rs260.54.