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A not so fancy Fairytale about an unregulated industry called “Cosmetic Procedures”

Social media can have several negative impacts on young women in general, but, Body Image Issues are on the rise these days. It plays a huge role in perpetuating beauty standards, as platforms often showcase edited or filtered images, presenting an unrealistic portrayal of beauty. This leads to feelings of inadequacy when young women compare themselves to these altered images. Body image concerns are leading many girls to pursue extreme or numerous cosmetic procedures to achieve the perceived “perfect”look.

The cosmetic treatment business is a multibillion-dollar industry and it is fueled by technological advancements, changing beauty standards, and increased consumer anxiety about self enhancement.

The relationship between cosmetic treatments and social media body image issues can be complex.

Many Celebrity Stylists and Beauty businesses on social media are exploiting these insecurities by promoting cosmetic treatments as solutions to these body image concerns. They use before-and-after photos, influencer endorsements, or targeted advertising to create a sense of inadequacy and drive women towards seeking these procedures. It’s not uncommon for celebrities to endorse cosmetic treatments or procedures, often partnering with clinics or brands, and these endorsements include promotions, Cheaper Deals & discounts to attract more people to try those treatments. When you come across significantly cheaper options, it’s essential to proceed with caution. Sometimes, lower prices can indicate a lack of proper certification or the use of inferior products. These situations may pose risks such as horrendous results, adverse reactions, or even potential health hazards.

Cosmetic clinics promote various procedures depending on the specific treatment. But, some extremely common and manipulative procedures include: Skin Whitening Lasers, Micro needling, Microdermabrasion Devices, PRP, and Hydrafacials.

Injectables Including needles or cannulas for administering dermal fillers, Botox, or other injectable treatments such as Skin Whitening shots and vitamin Drips are commonly advertised, and offer cheaper discounts and extremely compromised Deals. Ultrasound devices such as HIFU are projected as “Every girl’s Best Friend’ for skin tightening.

Botched Liposuction ….. A near- death Confession of an inappropriate Survivor: How about sharing my personal experience without the fear of being judged by the readers of this article? So, I met an accident, due to which my lower spine got seriously injured and that led to rapid weight gain, My neuro surgeon advised me to opt for a quick weight loss procedure to improve my mobility and to deal with the above mentioned medical concerns. After consulting a well renowned Cosmetic & Plastic surgeon based in Karachi, we mutually decided to go for this miraculous procedure known as Liposuction. 2 Surgeries were performed on me in a row, which left me with several complications like: Numbness and permanent loss of sensation in the treated areas.

The fat removal was be too aggressive, that led to depressed areas.

Visible Cannula Marks.

And I was left with physical discomfort, chronic pain, and most importantly the psychological impact caused disappointment, anxiety, and depression. To correct these horrific implications, I was advised yet another liposuction called “Revision Surgery” performed under general anesthesia and shockingly it caused another life threatening blood loss and hemoglobin of 6 gr/dl. I fell unconscious for 2 days, the monetary cost escalated and many other costly tests and scans dented me fortune.

But, the irony of the matter is that my Cosmetic surgeon shamelessly advises these procedures on TV shows and lures many vulnerable minds to this immoral practices. I might be sounding cocky, but the purpose of sharing these terrible set of unfortunate events is to make you aware of the potential risks and dangers of undergoing lipo. Understanding the procedure, recovery time, and realistic outcomes is essential before making any decisions about altering your body.

Need Money for HIFU! The desire for cosmetic treatments can prompt some youngsters to seek quick and possibly illegal means to fund those desires. People might feel pressured to resort to unlawful activities due to the high costs associated with certain cosmetic procedures or due to societal pressures to conform to certain beauty standards.

I met a 22 years old girl who borrowed an amount of 25K from an online loan app to get her Cheek fillers done, and now suffering a hefty debt trap. The ease of access and quick approval processes encourage impulsive borrowing without fully understanding the terms and consequences. Such apps target younger users with flashy interfaces or promises of instant cash, which can be enticing but lead to high-interest rates, and hidden fees.

It’s crucial to promote diverse representations of beauty and emphasize the importance of inner qualities and individual uniqueness. Encouraging discussions about body positivity, self-acceptance, and the importance of inner qualities can help mitigate the negative impact of these beauty standards on young women. Moreover, media literacy and critical thinking skills can empower individuals to question and challenge unrealistic beauty standards. Regulation and Ethical practices are crucial in this realm to ensure youngsters are well-informed about the risks, benefits, and realistic outcomes of these treatments. Encouraging body positivity, self-acceptance, and diverse representations of beauty on social media should also play a significant role in mitigating the negative effects of idealized body images.