Sustainable digital consumer goods era

A brand for a company or through other institutions is like a reputation for a person but this is not just an old saying as every passing day the world is fast changing and developing rapidly under the digital era and one should keep knowing this practice that any product liking is depend on the trust and familiarity and it would be a added-value for the buyer if the product fully uphold its worth and capacity. To grow business, every launching of a product should be fully tested and checked undertaking its quality and quantity before throwing into the market and obtaining the lead in the market place as the consumers are much able to choice good products, there are few who prefer cheap ones, not understanding the importance, but still there are set consumers who only compromise on the quality.

Current competition

As the consumer behavior has changed now, where technology era has taken a lead, the competition for the product liking and demanding is not fixed, it changes according to the time and social context. It is time to achieve better results and one need to create day-to-day new strategies. Selling of consumer goods stand into two categories FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) which include packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, candies, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, dry goods, garments including other consumables. According to the published data, Nestle is the world’s largest fast moving consumer goods company followed by two US giants Procter and Gamble and Pepsi Co. The 40 largest FMCG companies in the world generated over $1 trillion in sales over their latest financial year. Data shows that the world’s largest FMCG players have enjoyed robust sales in their latest full financial year. The data make known that the market’s biggest players entered the coronavirus crisis is better shape that they had been in for many years. The other main segment to move attract consumers are SMCG (Slow Moving Consumer Goods) which consists of car manufacturing, furniture and appliance products, smartphone products and many other electric and electronic products.

Under the disturbing coronavirus (Covid-19) which has taken over 4 million precious lives, is melting down the economy of the world and under existing fear smooth flow of a business is impossible and even big business giants are struggling there are much use of technology to buy and sell products and services and now is the era of digital consumers. The Internet has made us digital consumers now, so whether you’re a large company or small business, crafting a brand-driven marketing strategy is one of the most important things you can do for your business boost.

Talking of our products and services in Pakistan, where made-in-Pakistan experience we like to share with others, we have more opportunities than ever to spread the benefit of our experiences and offering more strong brands give consumers a reason to share their experiences. Successfully branded products make more money for their companies by commanding premium prices. Pakistan has number of products available locally and worldwide for the image building. The brands offers safety and reduce the risk of disappointment. Here people are much reliant on the foreign products and brands, so we need more efforts and encouragement for building stronger image of our brands. There are long list of Pakistan’s own brands and foreign brands available but the thing is to make it sustainable under the circumstances. Markhor (footwear) Shan Foods and National Foods, Bar. B. Q tonight, Lal Qila, Rooh Afza, Pakola and in (textile & clothing)- Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed and Khaadi while National Bank of Pakistan and Habib Bank Limited and many other brands and products having global footprints.

The current economy is under stress of Covid-19 impact but true leadership steps of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will like to lead and in fact he had taken number of reforms and policy amendments for attracting foreign investors into Pakistan as consumers want comfort , happiness and satisfaction to become loyal in their lives. We hope the leadership of Imran Khan, will create the atmosphere of not only for investment into Pakistan but make ways and opportunities for our local products and brands demanding in other nations.

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