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Etimad Online groceries now entering in other parts of Sindh

In Sindh, we see on regular basis that sub-standard products are being sold in high prices. Even the products of multinational companies are not guaranteed, many manufacturers use dyes in place of food colors, rice and pulses have plastic pieces in bags, powder or such stuff is mixed in many spices and there are many more such examples which eventually make the end consumer sick because of which there are many health related issues in Sindh and this is why Etimad Online has decided to put an end to it by providing the standard products in the right prices. The products will be checked and approved from our quality control department to make sure that they are good for the health of end consumers.


If we look at Sindh which has the second largest economy in Pakistan, is influenced by the economy of Karachi – the largest city and economic capital of the country. A substantial chunk of Sindh’s GDP, around 95% is attributed to Karachi which has the population of 14.91 million (31% of total population of Sindh). Although interior Sindh has much potential and opportunities like being the Pakistan’s most natural gas producing province and the richest province in natural resources of coal, petrol etc. but still is facing poverty and joblessness due to the absence of industries. Like almost every country around the globe, Pakistan’s economy suffered in 2020, which made the situation of Sindh even worse.

Realizing the need of time, Etimad Online launched Etimad Online Groceries in Karachi which is an initiative to reduce inflation and alleviate poverty from Pakistan by promoting and helping local manufacturers to get proper shelf space and by connecting farmers directly to the end consumers. After opening over 60 stores across Karachi, Etimad Online is now launching in other cities of Sindh where people are suffering a lot due to the absence of quality and control system.

This will ensure that the people of Sindh get the standard products which is their right and after that Etimad Online will help the local industries in Sindh to grow by providing them proper marketing space because that is what will promote the economic growth of Sindh and our country. We need to stop relying on multinational companies for our daily needs when we can fulfill them from our own national companies or from our own country, for e.g. our tomatoes go bad and we still prefer to buy ketchup or tomato sauce from multinational companies, which are more expensive but because we don’t understand the importance of this whole cycle that the more we promote and support our local companies and products, the more our country grows economically, that’s why we don’t keep a control on this and that’s what’s the end goal of Etimad Online – to promote local businesses because that is the only way our economy could flourish because if we check the facts, Pakistan’s agriculture sector plays a central role in the economy as it contributes 18.9 percent to GDP and absorbs 42.3 percent of labour force. The Punjab province plays pivotal role in the economy of Pakistan by contributing almost 60 percent to total agricultural production of the country whereas Sindh which is the second largest province of Pakistan after Punjab contributes 27% in the agriculture sector. Another important sector in the economic growth is industrial which accounts for about 64% of GDP of Pakistan and knowing the importance of these two factors, government policies aim to diversify the country’s industrial base and support agricultural sector.

Working towards the economic growth of a country is not only its governments responsibility and the private sector has to play its part, this is why Etimad Online has taken this initiative because we realize that getting the quality products which doesn’t affect health is the right of every Pakistani citizen but unfortunately due to many negative factors, people suffer like the above mentioned examples from Sindh and that’s where we are stepping in to put an end to it. Every citizen has a right to quality products for which they are paying and Etimad Online will make sure that they get their rights properly.

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