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Perfect your telemarketing scripts

Outbound telemarketing is a part of every customer centric organization. The idea behind telemarketing is to understand the target audience, identify the decision-makers who can influence purchase behavior, and then smartly convert their intent to buy into final sales.

Making random calls to random people without any research may just do more harm than good to your business.

In outbound telemarketing, especially if the agents are making cold calls, the need for a strong and well-defined telemarketing script becomes imperative. A skillfully articulated and well-planned telemarketing script can do wonders in meeting your sales and other marketing objectives.


Build a Powerful Introduction

In outbound telemarketing, the first twenty seconds after making a call are the most crucial. You need to understand that the caller does not know anything about you and why you have called, therefore, their first instinct is to resist, making it more vital for you to confidently deliver your opening statements.

It is very important to use conjunctions, italics or bold, etc., as it will help you take the necessary pause, emphasize more while speaking the words/phrases with italics/bold, and use voice intonations as per the script structure thereby helping you improve telemarketing sales calls’ quality.

Seek Permission for their Time, But Intelligently

This is a tricky one. While building a telemarketing script, the common mistake is how you ask for their time –

“Is it a good time to talk?”

Well, believe it or not, but 9 out of 10 times you will get a reply like this, “I am busy right now/ I am in a meeting right now. Call me some other time.” and cut!

The first and foremost thing to keep in consideration is to not sound like a salesperson. Have a courteous but a firm tone and thank the prospect for taking up your call. Then, make a smart judgment from their tone of reply.

State the Point of Reference

In outbound telemarketing, references can be of great help. If they have made a purchase before from your client’s company and you must market the new offers, it is important, you state the past record. It instantly builds a connection.

Establish your Products/Services Need

To be a good outbound telemarketer, one needs to align products/services to the needs of the prospect. Your telemarketing script should have enough room for questions to understand the pain points of customers and establish a relevant need for your products and services.

Understanding their needs and making logical comparisons are one of the few techniques to successful telemarketing.

Request for an Appropriate Call for Action/ Follow Up

List down all the options available to you for a follow-up in case of positive replies. Request for a follow-up call, detailed email or message, email additional documents immediately, or set-up an appointment with an expert or salesperson.

Accommodate Changes in Your Telemarketing Scripts

In order to make telemarketing more effective, be ready to make changes in your telemarketing scripts as you learn the customer behavior patterns. You might have developed a polished script after thorough trials and practice, but with changing demand, supply, and market variables, you must be willing to change your script, too.

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