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Chrome OS Jumps Over Mac

by Willem Roper

Microsoft’s Windows operating system continues to dominate the world of computers, capturing an enormous market share globally compared to competitors. Microsoft’s long-time closest competitor, Apple’s macOS, has slowly gained a foothold in the global market but has yet to truly challenge Windows in any meaningful capacity. Now, new data shows a third competitor has overtaken Apple’s macOS and shows signs of making a stronger global push on acquiring a decent chunk of the desktop computer market.

New data from IDC shows Google’s Chrome OS officially overtook Apple’s macOS in desktop operating system market share with nearly 11 percent of the global share compared to Apple’s 7.5 percent . That’s an enormous jump in just the last few years, as Google has just recently been ramping up production and marketing surrounding their Chrome OS and related devices. Still, the market share pales in comparison to Windows, which still makes up a bulk of the global desktop operating system market at over 80 percent.

Infographic: Chrome OS Jumps Over Mac | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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