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Top small investments with big returns in Pakistan

Basic mindset of any type of investor is to manage the risk and maximize the returns. The common phenomenon in managing the risk is diversification or, in other words, not putting all the eggs in one basket. The diversification requires choosing right basket to put your eggs in; and most importantly how much? The article is a compilation of tried and tested investment opportunities in Pakistan that require little investment but the returns are significant.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of the most famous and widely practiced investment ideas in Pakistan. People buy property, especially land, and leave it for some time for price appreciation over time. Real estate investment in Pakistan is a safe investment option as the market for real estate is improving at an increasing rate so one may expect greater returns and wider scope in real estate. An important aspect is that a real estate is a safe option that yields higher returns. So, whether one invests in houses, flats, plots, or shops, all these assets will provide great yields in the form of resale value and rents.


This is one of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan. If one doesn’t have knowledge about stocks, then he/she may engage a brokerage firm for the same. The average stock return is usually 10% in Pakistan. That means if one invests Rs. 1000 in stock, it will give Rs. 1100 after some time, and sometimes within hours. One has to be well aware and strategic about the choice of stocks. Through building a portfolio of stocks, overall risk could be reduced. Usually, the stocks with higher risk yield higher ROI.


The recent price of one tola (10 grams) of gold is Rs. 114,000. Last year, the price was around Rs 90,000. Investing in gold biscuits is a good option as they generate maximum returns. Similarly, one can also invest in diamonds and silver too.


Forex trading means trading of different currencies. Although technology has made it very convenient and easy but one should be able to study the trends in currencies and keep oneself abreast with the latest currency rates and financial situations, and try to invest accordingly. For example, consider the comparison of the American dollar and Kuwaiti dinars. In 2019, the average price of one dollar was Rs. 150, and the price of a Kuwaiti dinar was Rs. 493. In 2020, the prices are Rs. 162 and Rs. 523, respectively.


This is an investment idea that depends on one’s luck. The Government of Pakistan issues bonds starting from the denomination of just Rs. 100. The idea behind bonds issuance was to inculcate the habit of savings among masses and rewarding them accordingly. For example, the first cash prize for a bond of Rs. 750 is around Rs. 1.5 million. The best thing is that bonds could be used as a substitute for cash.

3D Printer

Another way to invest money is to get a 3D printer. With just Rs. 150,000-200,000, one can start their own 3D printing business. It is a developing/emerging field, but it has a lot of scope in the market. 3D printer is excellent for customization. You can make jewelry, decoration pieces, mugs, prototypes, etc. 3D technology could be applied in every sector including education, fashion, retail, medical, games, entertainment, and vice versa. In short, there is a bright future of 3D printing in Pakistan.

Investing In Skills

Most people don’t think about their skills as an investment opportunity. What they don’t realize is that by polishing their skill sets, they may earn handsome returns in no time. There are freelancing websites that will pay on per hour basis for the services. There are unlimited options especially after the “gig” economy has picked up pace in Pakistan.

Certificate Of Deposit

CoD is a financial instrument that is usually offered by almost every bank in Pakistan. One may deposit the money in a bank for a specific duration and earn a premium in return. It is a low-risk investment in Pakistan that yields average returns. Although, one may not be able to withdraw money from the bank for a certain amount of time but if one has the holding power, then it’s a good option.

The writer is a Karachi based freelance columnist and is a banker by profession. He could be reached on Twitter @ReluctantAhsan

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