Canada Ranked Safest Country for LGBTQ+ Tourists

by Willem Roper

Tourism is a large part of Canada’s public service sector, with national parks and gorgeous cities attracting many from around the world. While COVID-19 has certainly put a temporary damper on the global tourism industry, Canada is still taking the time to thank their public service workers. This past week was Public Service Pride Week, where Canada recognized and thanked all their LGBTQ2+ employees working in the public sector. Canada’s track record for accepting LGBTQ2+ people isn’t spotless – however, their work in fostering inclusion among different communities over the past decade and a half has led to the country being ranked as one of the most inclusive countries for LGBTQ2+ people in the world.

In a Spartacus ranking of the safest places for LGBTQ2+ people to travel, Canada tied for first in the world as the most-safe country for inclusive tourism. Malta and Sweden had a similar index score of 12, while Austria and Argentina came in a close fourth and fifth.

Canada has taken large steps to make the country an inclusive destination for tourists. Fostering inclusion within their own public service sector has been key for Canada, as well as working with businesses across the country to workshop best practices for a safe environment.


Infographic: Canada Ranked Safest Country for LGBTQ+ Tourists | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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