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Asia Insurance Company Limited


Asia Insurance Company Limited is one of the fastest growing Insurance Companies of Pakistan. The company offers various solutions which are inclusive, economical and tailored for its valued clients. The company’s aim is to provide a steady hand, helping people to stand back onto their feet when they experience a mishap while prudently managing risks.


Asia Insurance Company Limited was established in 1979 as a Public Limited Company and commenced its business in 1980. The Company is listed and quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

We are a composite Insurance Company which has been authorized by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan to transact all classes of General Insurance and General Takaful Business including Fire & Allied Perils; Marine Cargo; Marine Hull; Motor; Personal Accident; Travel Insurance; Agriculture Insurance; Livestock; Corporate Health; Cash-in-Transit & Cash-in-Safe; Machinery Breakdown; Guarantees and Bonds etc.

The Company’s operational functions are split into various departments, each of which is housed in the head office in Lahore. These include Underwriting, Claims processing, Accounts, MIS (Management Information System), Human Resources, Admin, Legal, Health, Livestock. Corporate, Reinsurance, RND (Research & Development) and Internal Audit. Marketing and sales are carried out through the head office and a network of branches that extends throughout Pakistan. The entire branch network is connected to the Company’s MIS system, which allows fluid, paperless operations in real-time.

Reinsurance Treaties

Asia Insurance has a bouquet of reinsurance treaty arrangements with leading Re-insurers of the world.

Credit Rating

As a sign of Asia Insurance’s growing stature on the basis of sound fundamentals, the Company has seen a consistent increase in its Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating by the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA).

PACRA currently rates Asia Insurance as ‘A’ (stable).

Our Vision

Asia Insurance Company Ltd. aims to be an ideal Insurance Company with a large equity base (over a Billion Rupees at present) to provide more opportunities and options for utilization of funds and to increase profitability through economies of scale, better resource mobilization and reduction in operational cost; to achieve this while providing better service to our clients and stakeholders.

Our Mission

To provide excellent services by way of best risk management and hassle-free settlement of claims through a nation-wide network of branches managed by a sound, dynamic team, ensuring good governance.

Core Values

Our Core values derived from ASIA Code of Conduct:

  • Customer Service
  • Stimulate Personnel, Reward them and enhance their skills
  • Contribution towards Company’s financial goals and focus on achieving results.
  • Commitment towards excellence in quality of work


A renowned name of Insurance Industry of Pakistan with more than 50 years’ experience in insurance industry is the Chairman and Founding member of Board of Directors of Asia Insurance Company.

A recipient of the Prince Henrick Medal of Honor by the Royal Kingdom of Denmark, Mr. Qureshi enjoys a very good reputation in the business community and he is the Chairman of the following companies:-

  • C Soft (Pvt) Limited,
  • Falcon Engineering Services
  • Omega Project Management & Consulting (Pvt.) Limited

After graduating from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore with a BSc. Electrical Engineering in 1973, he was employed by Ameejee Valeejee an engineering company. Who were associates of Brown Boveri & Co Switzerland for some years and finally to Pak Elektron Ltd. In 1985, sensing a shift in Pakistan’s economy towards privatization, he set up Falcon Engineering Services with the aim of bringing the best of European technology to Pakistan. Years later, this was followed by the founding of Indus Insurance, its merger with Asia Insurance and their buyout of the other shareholders in 2007. He says:

“I firmly believe in taking no shortcuts to growth and profitability, and in my estimation, it is better to forego immediate profit for the sake of building a strong base for future growth”.

Foreign investment

Asia Insurance has won the confidence of German development bank KFW, who, through their InsuResilience Investment Fund (Rated AAA by Fitch, AA+ by Standard & Poor’s) and managed by Swiss based manager BlueOrchard Finance, has invested Rs.350-Million for taking 25.4% shareholding in Asia Insurance Company Ltd. Taking the Company’s total equity to over Rs.One billion.

Mr. Thibaud Ponchon, the nominee director for IIF, carries a Master of Science degree in Finance from the UK. He is Chartered Financial Analyst from the CFA Institute, USA. Presently he is the Vice-President, Private Equity, BlueOrchard Finance Combodia.


Financial Growth

Asia Insurance Company is pursuing profitable business and responsible leadership within the insurance industry. The company witnessed a positive growth in underwriting premium. Asia Insurance Company Limited has made a significant improvement in 2018 and our achievement for year ending 2018 is showing the continuous progress.

The gross premium written by the company has increased continuously for the past 6 years. The Business figures of 2018 and the last six years in millions are depicted as under;


The Company’s ability to create new modes of operation relies on the aforementioned financial growth. It also helped to improve corporate infrastructures and support of a new foundation of IT that is flexible and adaptable.

Asia Window Takaful Operations

Asia Insurance Company Limited has been granted license of Window Takaful Operations by SECP. Takaful is a system of Islamic insurance based on the principle of Ta’awun / Waqf (mutual assistance) and Tabarru (voluntary contribution), where risk is shared collectively by a group of participants, who by paying contributions to a common fund, agree to jointly guarantee themselves against loss or damage to any one of them as defined in the contract. Takaful is operated on the basis of

  • Shared responsibility
  • Brotherhood
  • Solidarity
  • Mutual cooperation

Takaful is an Islamic way to Insurance. It has benefit of “Profit Sharing” and recognized by Shariah Advisory Board. Window Takaful operations of the Company offers modified services according to customer’s need. The company’s Window Takaful operations under the Brand name of Asia Window Takaful transacts in all classes of risks namely Fire, Marine, Engineering, Motor Vehicles and miscellaneous.

Through its existing infrastructure in Pakistan and new staff dedicated to Asia Window Takaful Operations, Asia Insurance aims to bring to Takaful the same sense of responsibility, prudence and excellence in customer service which are being enjoyed by the conventional insurance clients. To achieve this goal and to promote Takaful Business in its proper perspective by Organizing the Company strictly on Sharia Rules, we are guided by a Shariah Committee of the following well renowned scholars in Fiqha.

  • Mufti Muhammad Akhlaq
Types of Cover

a) Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

This covers insurance for factories, offices and homes and coverage against perils like fire and lightening which can be extended to cover; Impact damage, storms, earthquakes, rain flood damages, riot and strike damage, burglary and malicious damage etc.

b) Marine Cargo Insurance

We Cover imports and exports of consignments, loss or damage of cargo during transit by Air, Sea and Rail/Road, We also cover dispatch of finished goods from Insured’s factory to anywhere in Pakistan and outside Pakistan.

c) Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is complete auto insurance plan for both individuals and corporate offering which includes theft, snatching, armed hold up, accidental damage, third party liability and terrorism. The liberty to have your vehicle repaired at the workshop of your own choice and cost of repairs being directly settled with the workshop.

d) Travel Insurance

We provide Guarantees and Travel Insurance service to our Corporate clients, Individuals, Students and offer special package for Hajj and Umrah Tour Operators and groups. Asia Insurance also offers online tracking of policies to its customers through its website

e) Agriculture & Livestock Insurance

We provide crop and livestock insurance for farmers, banks and financial institutions. Asia Insurance Company Limited’s Agri. Division was established in 2012 and commenced business in 2013. Asia has grown into one of the largest providers of agriculture insurance in Pakistan, with a broad network of partner institutions and in-house expertise

f) Corporate Health Insurance

Asia Insurance gives health insurance coverage to individuals, groups and corporations, allowing for a large range of customization of coverage/benefits. Through a broad network of panel hospitals, Asia is able to ensure its customers the utmost ease of availing cashless services.

g) Miscellaneous Insurance

We also provide customized insurance solution for our corporate clients. The covers range from the Insurance of Engineering Projects to Electrical Equipment and Machinery, Personal Accident, Guarantees & Bonds, Cash in Safe, Cash in Counter and Cash in Transit etc.

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