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Pakistan’s transport services sector has seen some interesting fluctuations in export earnings during the first seven months of the fiscal year 2023-24 compared to the same period last year. Here’s a breakdown of the key points from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) report:

Overall increase: Pakistan earned $555.927 million from providing various transport services in different countries during this period, marking a 1.46% increase from the $547.939 million earned in the corresponding months of the previous fiscal year.

Sea transport: Export earnings from sea transport services saw a significant increase of 10.40%, rising from $59.840 million to $176.460 million. Notably, while freight services witnessed a decline of 51.89%, other sea transport services experienced a substantial increase of 79.25%.

Air transport: Although the exports of air transport services declined slightly by 3.53%, from $376.089 million to $362.807 million, there were nuanced changes within this category. Passenger services decreased by 5.36%, while freight services increased by 4.85%. Other air transport services saw a nominal decline of 0.61%.

Road transport: The exports of road transport services demonstrated significant growth, rising by 67.56% from $7.830 million to $13.120 million. Within this sector, while freight services decreased by 17.74%, other road services saw a notable increase of 111.20%.

Postal and courier services: Export earnings from postal and courier services declined by 15.31%, dropping from $4.180 million to $3.540 million.

These fluctuations in export earnings across different transport services reflect the dynamic nature of Pakistan’s transport sector, influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, global trade dynamics, and shifts in consumer behaviour.