ZMT — beacon of hope for the poor

ZMT is one of the largest Primary Healthcare network in Karachi. ZMT has directly benefited more than 1,500,000 patients annually with quality treatment. So far ZMT has served more than 6.6 million deserving patients majorly focusing on women and children.

PAKISTAN & GULF ECONOMIST sought perspective of the patients and the staff members regarding ZMT. Following are the excerpts of the viewpoints.

Patients experience:

Guljoon from Mominabad while talking about ZMT told us as follows:

I brought my 8 months old son with chest congestion and cough. My son got better with the medication. Staff is nice and treated us very well.

Noreen from Gulshan-e-Iqbal talked about her two years old son named Sadi who was suffering from chest infection and cough. She was rather content with the attention paid by the doctors.

Reema Bibi is an elderly lady of 80 years from Sohrab Goth. She has been getting medical treatment at ZMT for years. She is an arthritis patient. While giving her opinion she had low blood level and was administered drip and recuperated. She was all praise for ZMT.

Haseena Saleem is 33 years old from Highway area of Karachi. She consulted the doctor at ZMT with the complications of fever and incessant cough. She was prescribed right medication which helped her convalesced.

Rehana is two and half years of age from Quaid-e-Azam Colony. She had liver problems coupled with thumping headache. She has convalesced in the wake of the medical treatment at ZMT.

Tahira is 30 years old from Madina Colony. She consulted the doctor for flu, dry couch and pregnancy test. She lauded the doctors and the staff at ZMT.

Zeba is 50 years old lady from Sohrab Goth. She is patient with low sugar, knee issues and liver problems. Her treatment is underway for which she was obliged.

Khan Bibi from Sohrab Goth visited for her one-month old son Khupa with the problems of flu, cough and chest congestion. She admired the services offered at ZMT for free of cost.

Samina from Al Asif area of Karachi is 20 years old. She was at ZMT while suffering from fever. She got better with the medication that was prescribed by the doctor.

Rukhsana from Ratpur Colony is 25 years old. She has been getting treatment at ZMT for preceding seven years. She is tremendously content.

While seeking perspective of the staff members of ZMT, PAKISTAN & GULF ECONOMIST got the following views:

Zehra is 51 years of age and works at Gulshan-e-Iqbal. She joined ZMT when she was pressed with financial crunch. She says ZMT is a good place to work. While working, she learned about a lot of medical issues also learned new languages while communicating with the patients

Zarina is 45 years old working at Azeem Goth. She was all praise for her colleagues and the management of ZMT.

Kulsoom is 38 years old employee working at Dhoraji. She likes to help people. She feels good when the patients give blessings.

Ambreen is 26 years old and works at Nipa. She is rather delighted employee.

Farida is 22 years old working at Gulshan-e-Iqbal. She believes the working conditions at ZMT are splendid.

Sawera is 21 years old employee working at Gulshan-e-Iqbal. She thanks the Almighty for the opportunity which she got in terms of working at ZMT.

Muskaan is 20 years old working at Liaquatabad. She is glad about the experience. She has gained and feels self-worthy. She receives appreciation by the seniors.

Mahrukh is 29 years old employee working at Gulistan-e-Johar. It has been a good experience. She feels great working for an organization which is helping the needy.

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