What Books do We Need to Read for CCNA by Self-study?

Cisco CCNA can be said to be the basis of Cisco Certification. Maybe your goal is CCIE and you don’t intend to take CCNA Test, but the knowledge you need to master also starts from CCNA. Moreover, CCNA has now integrated nine directions. Mastering these knowledge points is very important for the next CCNP or CCIE Test. So how to learn CCNA? What books are helpful for learning CCNA?

What kind of learning method is better for CCNA? Let’s talk about CCNA learning first. When it comes to CCNA learning methods, that would be self-study and training. Self-study is nothing more than finding some materials, reading some books, or surfing the Internet to see if there are relevant videos. If you already have a certain foundation, in fact, as far as the foundation of CCNA is concerned, you can complete learning by self-study. If you have no foundation and are a rookie, it may be more difficult to learn by yourself. After all, network engineer is a professional with technical content. Therefore, for some novices, we usually recommend a systematic training, which is still necessary.

What books do we need to read for CCNA by self-study? Back to the question of self-study, if candidates study CCNA on their own, what books do they need to read? SPOTO recommends some books here.

Fundamentals of Computer Network

Fundamentals of Computer Network is still worth reading. This book consists of eight modules. The main contents include the understanding of Computer Network, Network Data Communication Foundation, Network Architecture and Protocol, Establishment of Local Area Network, Usage of Internet, Network Management, Network Management and Network Security, and Case Analysis – the Construction of Campus Network. As you can see from the content, this book is mainly for beginners of computer network. It goes from the simple to the deep, step by step. It can be said that as long as you have the basic knowledge of computer culture, you can master relevant knowledge and application with the guidance of Fundamentals of Computer Network.

CCNA Study Guide

CCNA Study Guide is a necessary study guide for CCNA Exam. It is written by a well-known authority of Cisco technology and is sufficient to meet all the needs of candidates for Cisco Certification Exam. Aiming at the new test objectives, this book helps candidates comprehensively review and master the new test contents. In addition to explaining the contents that should be mastered, almost every chapter has review questions, written experiments and hands-on experiments with answers. At present, it seems that this book has only been published in the seventh edition. Although it is not aimed at the latest version of CCNA Exam, it still has reference significance.

Cisco Network Technology Academy Course CCNA Discovery

Cisco Network Technology Academy Course CCNA Discovery is a supporting written textbook for the 4th edition of CCNA exploration course of Cisco Institute of Network Technology. The main contents include: Introduction to Routing and Packet Forwarding, the Principle of Static Routing and Dynamic Routing Protocols and the Characteristics, Configuration, Verification and Troubleshooting of various Routing Protocols, such as RIP, EIGRP and OSPF. In addition, it also deeply discusses the Routing Table, VLSM and CIDR. Some review questions are provided at the end of each chapter and the corresponding answers and explanations are given in the appendix. You can also read them.

There are a lot of books which are available for Cisco CCNA by self-study. I hope it would be helpful for you.

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