Govt fairly meeting economic challenges

Govt fairly meeting economic challenges

Interview with Mr. Abdul Rahim Janoo, a leading businessman


Occupation: Export and Import.
Nature Of Business : Export:- Rice, Grain, Agrobased Products, Spices/Sugar/Wheat & By Products.
Import:- Milk Powder/Tea/Rubber/Spices.
Land Lords:- Property owners and giving properties on rent.
Petrol Pumps: Owner and operator of petrol pumps.
President: Memon Leadership Forum (MLF)
Convener: Memon Leadership Conference (MLC)
Chairman: South Zone Group (REAP)
Haji Razak Janoo Memorial Trust, Karachi.
Pakistan Economic Forum.
Masjid Al-Razak, S.I.T.E / Masjid Al-Hamida, Super Highway/ Jama Masid Haider-E-Karrar (Clifton) / Jama Masjid Mustafa, (Nooriabad)/Jama Masjid Umer (Manzoor Colony)
Ex-Chairman: Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) from 2001-2003 and 2008-2009. FPCCI export trophy awards and achievement award 2015 which organised two export trophy in which PM Pakistan and one achievement award in which President of Pakistan were chief guest, these three functions also increased revenue for FPCCI.
Accounts FPCCI 2015 which curtailed un-necessary expenses and made fpcci financially strong.
Fair and exhibition committee FPCCI 2015/2016 achieved record revenue for fpcci which was instrumental in starting finishing work of capital office building Islamabad and completion.
Ex-Senior Vice President: Federation of Pakistan Chambers Of Commerce & Industry
Ex. Vice chairman : Pakistan rice board, Govt of Pakistan.
Ex- President: Dhoraji cooperative housing society.
Member Managing: Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi (1999-2002)
Leader Of Delegation: Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Sri Lanka, U.K, U.S.A, South Africa, India, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen.
Member: Federal Export Board, Govt of Pakistan
Member: Karachi Club / Muslim Gymkhana.
Committee Founder Chairman: Pakistan Sri Lanka Business Council (1991 – 95).
Pakistan Milk Powder Importer’s Association (2006-2008)
Chief Organizer: Baba Farid Free Eye Camp (largest & most modern free eye charity trust in Pakistan) also done free eye camps in Azad Kashmir, Afghanistan & Bangladesh. Till November 2020 have organised 292 free laser surgery eye camps in Pakistan and abroad.
Achievements: Presented gold medal by H.E. Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan on 19/01/2020 for successfully organizing 3days first Memon Leadership Conference from 17 to 19 January 2020 in Karachi with worldwide representation
Got gold medal from Prime Minister Of Pakistan as best chairman of any association in 2003.
Got gold medal from Prime Minister Of Pakistan in 2006 for increasing rice exports more than 550%
Got gold medal from Federal Health Minister Govt. of Bangladesh in 2007 for eye charity services in Dhaka, Chittagong and Mymensingh Bangladesh
Got gold medal from Prime Minister of Pakistan for good value export from Pakistan on 28/12/2015.
Got gold medal from President of Pakistan for bonding REAP as leader & organizing 10 successful export awards – 28/12/2018
Got gold medal, Govt of Sweden on agriculture paper.
Got highest number of votes in Karachi Chamber elections 2000-2001 and got highest number of votes in Federation Chamber of Commerce election 2015
Given award of Maseeha by Janab Mohammad Mian Soomro, acting President of Pakistan at Pak Pattan.
Appreciation shield in International Rice Conference Singapore 2009
Three roads are named, two in Karachi and one in Pakpattan
LED delegations to 14 countries and also has been member of prime minister and president of Pakistan various delegations.
Due to untiring efforts of REAP members, we have done so much for rice trade specially for enhancing rice export trade which was only us$300 million when I took over as Chairman in 2001 and made it possible to increase upto more than us$2.2 billion in my 2nd tenure in 2008-09. we also started REAP’s trade delegation to many countries of the world and hold biryani festival which were very instrumental for the benefit of rice trade.
Mr. Abdul Rahim Janoo successfully organized first Memon Leadership Conference (MLC) during 17th to 19th January 2020 attended by elite business community of Pakistan as well as more than 100 delegates & memon leaders from 18 countries of the world. Governor Punjab, Governor Sindh & various Federal Ministers were chief guest of various sessions of MLC. H.E. Dr. Arif alvi, President of Pakistan was the chief guest in concluding session of MLC on 19th Jan 2020.

PAGE: How would you comment on the socio-economic progress of Pakistan since its independence?

Abdul Rahim Janoo: This is a bitter truth that since its independence in 1947, Pakistan has been plagued with various social and religious turmoil that have taken toll on its economy. Although despite many internal and external challenges Pakistan has faced since its birth, the country’s economy has somehow managed to survive. However, Pakistan like many other developing countries has not been able to narrow the gap between itself and other industrial nations which have shown faster growth. Pakistan’s economy contracted for the first time in 68 years due to the adverse impact of the virus outbreak, and the already volatile financial situation. Pakistan can take advantage of low oil prices, reduce cost of production, especially utilities, and enhance exports.

PAGE: What are the industrial achievements of Pakistan since 1947?

Abdul Rahim Janoo: Although there were critical economic circumstances since its independence, there were some salient achievements in the history of Pakistan. In September, 1947, Quaid-i-Azam laid the foundation of Pakistan’s first textile mill, Valika. In February, 1948, First budget was presented by the then Finance Minister, Malik Ghulam Muhammad. In July, 1948, Inauguration of State Bank of Pakistan took place. In October, 1948, Pakistan issued first currency notes. In 1948, Government decided to develop five-year economic plans to steer economy. In 1949, National Bank of Pakistan was launched. In July, 1950, Pakistan became a member of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. In January, 1955, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was formed after the nationalization of Orient Airways.

PAGE: How do you see the Independence Day celebrations this year vis-a-vis the preceding year?

Abdul Rahim Janoo: Pakistan will celebrate its 75th Independence Day this year. Keeping in view the prevailing COVID pandemic, we see a challenge to celebrate with enthusiasm as compared to the preceding years. This is fact the COVID has affected the entire Globe including Pakistan. This pandemic has also taken a distressing effect on all sectors of Pakistan. This is another challenge that due to population density, health care facilities, poverty and environmental factors, transmission of the coronavirus happened rapidly in Pakistan despite all the safety and precautionary measures taken by Federal and Provincial governments of Pakistan. The nation is celebrating this Independence Day amid serious challenges ahead ranging from economy to diplomacy, and regional developments.

PAGE: Your views on the image of Pakistan in the global arena:

Abdul Rahim Janoo: The image of a country obviously derives from its various attributes — society, culture, values, economy and politics. Every country has strengths and weaknesses. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has said that an image should not be manufactured merely to please others. Only an independent and confident nation commands the respect of others. He has often stated how tourism and Pakistan’s scenic beauty can help to promote the country’s image and attract more visitors. It is imperative to undertake soft power efforts to correct misperceptions, and more importantly, to project its many positive Socio-Economic attributes and rich heritage of arts, civilization and culture.

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