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Imran Khan launches Kamyab Pakistan Programme

Presently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched Kamyab Pakistan Program (KPP) worth Rs1400 billion to uplift 3.7 million poor households. The Premier called it a “landmark initiative” saying it will raise the living standards of the common citizens. Imran Khan said that the program has been composed with hectic attempts and consultation process and believed that it would be successful. He also called for organizing a committee to monitor its progress. Holding inequality responsible for downfall of any society, PM lamented that the existing system only facilitate the handful of elite class. He said that inefficient strategies developed in the past had further suppressed the marginalised segment of the society. No doubt, the human Resource of a country plays an important role not only in the economic development but also for the social well-being of the country. However, large population size and lack of proper management of human resources may lead to social distress and reduce economic performance. Because of increasing population growth, Pakistan is facing difficulty in optimal social spending i.e. health care, education, housing and unemployment etc. In this scenario, the advent and spread of Covid-19 has further aggravated the situation.

The present government of Pakistan has taken several steps to overhaul the ailing structure of the economy and to implement remedial measures particularly for human capital development. The government is making attempts to uplift the poor families. PM urged State of Madina was a successful model of the world due to its principles of humanity and justice. Imran Khan also said that the government was completely cognizant of the challenges faced by poor because of growing inflation, adding that a program is being introduced to ensure the provision of essential commodities like flour, ghee and sugar at subsidized rates. Statistics show that under Kamyab Karobar, interest free loans up to Rs 500,000 will be given to the poor households. Similarly, under Kamyab Kissan, interest free loans will be given to the farmers. It is said that the program will also enable these households to build their own houses. The Health cards will be offered to the poor households beside one person of each family will be offered with technical training. According to the National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) estimated population of Pakistan is 215.25 million with population growth rate of 1.80 percent in 20201 and population density of 270 per Km2. Pakistan has an extraordinary asset in the shape of youth bulge, which means that the largest segment of our population consists of young people. The population falling in the age group of 15-59 years is 59 percent, whereas 27 percent is between 15-29 years. This youth bulge can translate into economic gains only if the youth have skills consistent with the requirements of a modern economy. The government has started different programmes for improving employment opportunities for youth such as “Prime Minister’s Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme” and “Prime Minister’s Hunermand Programme-Skills for All”. During Covid-19 Pandemic, protection and creation of jobs is the second biggest challenge after the health crisis in Pakistan. The pandemic adversely impacted employment and labour productivity by impeding growth in various economic sectors. State Bank of Pakistan has taken different measures to counter the effects of Covid-19 like support to firms in paying wages to their employees amid the lockdowns to prevent layoffs (Rozgar Scheme). Further, revival of construction industry during pandemic is one of the major initiatives of the government for employment generation in Pakistan.

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