Plenty of opportunities for FDI into Pakistan

Plenty of opportunities for FDI into Pakistan

Interview with Shaikh Muhammad Muneer– leader of the business community of Pakistan


S.M. Muneer is the Chairman of Din Group of Industries and former CEO Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). His company Din Leather (Pvt.) Ltd, is the biggest exporter of leather in Pakistan and he has five textile mills in the name of Din Textile Mills in Lahore.

Position in companies

Chairman: 1) M/s. Din Leather (pvt) Ltd.

– The leading exporting company of Finished Leather in Pakistan having most modern tanning unit in Karachi with last year annual turnover of about Pak. Rs.2.5 Billion. (US$: 25 Million)

Chairman :2) M/s. Din Textile Mills Ltd.

– One of the leading exporters of different types of valued added Yarns, having four most modern spinning units in Lahore (total 79,008 spindles) and exporting following very high quality value added Yarns. Total annual turnover is about Pak.Rs.10 Billion (US$:100 Million)

– 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn Brand “NABEEL”

– 100% Cotton Melange Yarn Brand “DIN”

– 100% Cotton Compact Yarn Brand “DINCOM4”

– Cone Dyed Yarn Brand “DIN”

– Slub Yarn Brand “DIN”

– Core Spun Lycra Yarn Brand KOMFORT

– Combed and Gassed Yarn Brand “DIN”

– P/C Melange Yarn Brand “DIN”

The above units are equipped with most modern imported machinery and are producing finest quality yarn in different varities.

Holding position in other concerns

Vice Chairman: I) Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd., since 08/04/1991 – 05/06/1995 AND 30/08/2000 – To Date

Member: ii) Board of Governors College of Business Management Karachi (CBM), Since 1997(About 4000 Students)

Member: iii) Board of Governors University of Management & Technology (UMT), Lahore since 1996. (About 4300 Students)

Member: iv) Board of governors Greenwich University, Karachi since 30/06/1998. (About 750 Students)

Trustee: v) Fatimid Blood Foundation, Karachi, Since 29-05-2000

Chairman :vi) Board of Governors Din College, Chiniot Since 12/01/2004. (About 500 Students)

Member: vii) Board of Governor Institute of Behavioral Sciences (IBS) Karachi Since 2003. (Hospital)

Member: viii) Board of Governors Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, Lahore

(SKMT) Since 12/12/2004. (Cancer Hospital)

Member :IX) Appointed as member, advisory board of citizen police laison committee (CPLC) by the honourable governor Sindh since 16/2/2008

Chairman : X) Chiniot Anjuman-e-Islamia Pakistan since 20/5/2007

Patron-in-chief : XI) Korangi Association of Trade & Industry Karachi Since 1996.

President IPCCI: XII) elected as President of India-Pakistan chamber of commerce & industry (IPCCI) on 12/11/2008 in New Delhi (India).

Member :XIII) member IBA advisory council since 16/12/2009

Member: XIV) member board of governors of the kidney centre post graduate training institute since 20/10/2011

Member: XV) Board Of Governors Nazeer Husain University Karachi since 8th Sept.,2011

Member: XVI) Nominated as Member of Pakistan-India Joint business Forum (PIJBF) by Ministry of Commerce, Govt., of Pakistan on 13th March, 2013. The aims and objectives of this forum are to promote business and bilateral relations between Pakistan and India. This Forum is constituted with prominent businessmen from each country.

Chairman: XVII) Muneer Husain foundation since 21.10.2013 for the improvement of cricket in Pakistan.

Chief Executive Officer: xviii) appointed as chief executive officer of trade development authority of Pakistan (tdap) by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif vide notification no.I/60/2008-E-6 dated 12th March, 2014.

Justice Of Peace: xix) appointed justice of peace Karachi division on 11/3/2014 by government of sindh.

PAKISTAN & GULF ECONOMIST had an exclusive conversation with Shaikh Muhammad Muneer regarding the FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT. Following are the excerpts of the conversation:

I think FDI will come because the International Community has full faith in the Government and our Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan is working day in day out to improve the economy of Pakistan which is improving very fast.

There are plenty of opportunities for FDI at this juncture in numerous sectors of the economy of Pakistan. The incumbent government is doing tremendous job which has helped the economy sustain the pressures of the pandemic and it is hoped that Pakistan under the dynamic leadership of the Prime Minister would be able to attract humongous amount of FDI right from Europe to the USA to the Asia. Pakistan offers terrific opportunities to the foreign investors in umpteen fields which is going to be capitalized sooner rather than later. I presume Pakistan’s economy is going to be one of the best economies in the not-too-distant-future.

Foreign Direct Investment has decreased in the wake of Covid-19 all over the world. In my opinion, once the things get back to normal with the elimination of COVID, FDI will improve as all business communities of the world are fully confident about the economy of Pakistan.

Almost the entire Arab world including the UAE is a close ally of Pakistan and they are investing regularly in our country. The UAE is far ahead of the rest of the Arab countries in terms of investing in Pakistan. However, the economies of the Arab world such as Saudi Arabia would be investing in Pakistan abundantly since Pakistan offers lucrative opportunities to the investors.

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