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FFC – A milestone presentation for Pakistan

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC) is Pakistan’s largest urea manufacturing company, incorporated in 1978 as a joint venture between Fauji Foundation, a charitable trust in Pakistan which owns 44.35% equity stake in the Company and Haldor Topsoe A/S of Denmark to set up a urea production facility with capacity of 570 thousand tonnes per annum. The Company has grown through reinvestment in fertilizer sector and at present its production capacity stands over 2 million tonnes through its three plants. The Company has contributed more than US$ 14.95 billion to the National Exchequer through import substitution of almost 65 million tonnes of urea since its inception.

Fertilizers carrying the iconic ‘Sona’ and ‘FFC’ brands are hallmarks of prime quality and reliability for the farming community across the nation. Through its well spread network of over 3500 dealers and 170 field warehouses, strategically placed to comprehensively cover consumption areas throughout country, FFC efficiently distribute more than 4 million tonnes of fertilizers per annum which include own manufactured Sona Urea (Prilled), FFBL manufactured Sona Urea (Granular) & Sona-DAP and imported products. In order to fulfil crop nutrient requirements in the country, FFC imports and distributes FFC-DAP, FFC-SOP, FFCMOP, Sona Zinc & Sona Boron. Source and origin of the imported fertilizers are carefully selected to compliment premium quality associated with our locally manufactured products and brand name.

In the wake of COVID-19 surge, threat to food security was highlighted consequent to interruption in the supply chains of agri inputs. During lockdown period, when logistic systems were affected at global and national levels, FFC worked in close coordination with stakeholders and government agencies to mitigate its effect. Distribution supply lines were kept operational and it was ensured that essential fertilizers are available in sufficient quantities all across the country and no inventory accumulation take place at plants that may impact their production operations.

Along with consistent provision of quality fertilizers, FFC has established an efficient and effective agri-services setup, for the farmers, which is free of cost. Farm advisory services are an integrated approach of agronomic, extension and soil & water testing facilities. The Agri. Services team, who provide guidance in line with area specific crops and socio-economic position of the farmers, contact more than 50 thousand farmers and around 14 thousand soil and water samples are analysed annually. The company maintains close liaison with research institutions to transfer the latest findings to the farming community through our farm advisory services. The Kashtkar Desk at corporate website(www.ffc.com.pk), toll free helpline (0800-00332), mobile applications, electronic & social media channels are used for farmers’ education on mass scale.

Premium quality fertilizers along with advisory services for farmers on new cultivation techniques are helping in increasing food production and enriching the productive potential of land, which is imperative to ensure sustainable food supply and to meet the nutritional needs of the growing population and country’s food security.Maintaining its commitment to comply with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, FFC is determined to play its role in development of the farming community and preservation of environment. Regardless of being the leading urea manufacturing company, focus of our marketing team has been to promote balanced use of nutrients by encouraging improved usage of phosphatic, potassic and micro nutrients for better crop yields and environment sustainability. 4R approach for most efficient use of fertilizers is corner stone of FFC Agri Services operations. Neem Coated Urea, which is considered to be nitrogen efficient, is also being produced.

Along with its core fertilizer business FFC has stakes in; FFC Energy Ltd, Fauji Fresh n Freeze Ltd & OLIVE Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd as wholly owned subsidiary companies; Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd, Askari Bank Ltd, Fauji Cement Company Ltd & Thar Energy Ltd as associated companies; and Pakistan Morocco Phosphore S.A. as joint venture with Fauji Foundation, FFBL and Office Cherifien Des Phosphates (OCP) of Morocco.

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