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Jan Alam, medical scientist claims to have covid-19 cure

Jan Alam, medical scientist claims to have covid-19 cure

Interview with Professor Dr. Jan Alam

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please:

Dr. Jan Alam: I am MD. Ph.D (Pharmacy & Technology of medicine). I am Vice President (Russian Federation Academy of Medical & Technical Sciences), Consultant (Cancer/Chronic Diseases), Moscow, Russia. I have been declared World’s Best Medical Scientist 2018 & 19 MD International University of Fundamental Studies, Moscow Russia (affiliated with Oxford and California Universities) and the certificates are also published in the report. I have done Ph.D in (Pharmacy & Technology of Medicine) International Higher Academic Council. I am Academician/Active Member of Russian Federation Academy of Medical and Vice President Technical Sciences, Moscow, Russia. I am Member of Coordination Council Health Program, Russia.

PAGE: What is your claim about cure of COVID-19?

Dr. Jan Alam: My claim is that I have made coronavirus medicine, which is in the shape of liquid. One can use it by nebulizer, drops and spray and get complete cure. I have got approval from DRAP (Drugs Regularity Authority of Pakistan). It is my claim that if a patient who is very serious victim of COVID-19 use my medicine for a week he/she will be perfect within such mentioned time. It is neither an injection nor an antibiotic medicine which has no side effects. A pregnant lady, a new born child and an old person can use it as it is purely mineral based unharmed medicine.

PAGE: Could you tell us about your patients who have used this medicine?

Dr. Jan Alam: Sure. Mufti Hasaan Kaleem, Shariah Advisor of Pak Qatar; Mufti Najeeb Shariah, Advisor of Summit Bank, UBL Islamic Funds and Pak Oman Islamic Funds; Dr. Anjum, a quality controller in a pharma industry; Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy Mr. Hassan; Anjum Nisar, ex-President of Chamber of Commerce; Ms. Abida Kazimi and her Husband and kids; Mr. Nihal, Secretary Korangi Association and many more. I can give you a list with names, telephone numbers, and addresses.

PAGE: Has any one supported you in your cause?

Dr. Jan Alam: Yes, Mr. Anjum Nisar wants to support me, Mr. Fakhar Hussain Rizvi from Canada is willing to support me. The Kings and Queens of few countries are willing to support me. We are approaching the Government of Pakistan also. I hope they will support us.

PAGE: Could you tell us about medicine?

Dr. Jan Alam: The product name is MinerolyteVir Solution and includes:-

Pharmacological Action:

COVID-19 has the ability to affect different people in different ways. Most infected people develop infection mild to moderate illness most common symptoms like fever, dry cough, tiredness, short breathing and flue. By the exposure of coronavirus, this infection leads to cyanosis and respiratory problem during breathing. The marketed product MinerolyteVir Solution is a fifth generation medicine, which has been prepared by advanced nanotechnology and has the ability to directly action on the target organ of the respiratory system, lungs alveoli.

The administration of this solution by way of nasal drops clears the sinus system and through nebulization for 3-4 times in a day, clears all infections from respiratory system. To protect the body parts by spraying e.g. face and hands etc. It directly acts on the body parts; shields against COVID-19 and all other viruses. One mist of spray is enough to protect the body parts for 12 hours. It not only protects the body parts but everything e.g. home, car/aircraft, office, furniture etc. The advantageous feature of MinerolyteVir Solution is to prevent coronavirus infection and without any side effects. MinerolyteVir Solution is also acting as a preventive measure from COVID-19 infection.


It stabilizes microelement homeostasis against various types of damage to the cellular system of the body and in a shorter time to provide an effective therapeutic effect and different combination of mineral substances ratio administration effected and faster delivery to the organs and tissues with nanoparticle sizes from 1 nm to 150 nm and stopping exogenous and endogenous intoxication of the body.


For stabilizing the homeostasis and stopping pathological processes in the body (treatment and prevention of various kinds of inflammatory processes in the body and various kinds of lesions of the cellular system of the body) and is helpful in oncology treatment.

Dosage Form:

Solid &Liquid (Nanoparticles).The solution is a clear liquid and is stable.

Origin &Category:

Natural & minerals that contribute to energy metabolism in the human body increase its vital energy and strengthen the immune system.

Chemical Composition;

Each 5 ml contains:

Calciumgluconate 2.98mg
Potassium iodide 0.29mg
Sodium 0.05mg
Magnesium oxide 0.28 mg
Phosphorus 0.57mg
Chlorine 0.02mg


All type of Corona (COVID-19), Influenza, difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, acute diarrhea of bacterial or viral etiology, acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and microelement homeostasis disorders.



Oral administration is about 1 teaspoon (5ml), 5-6 drops by nasal administration and 10ml steam by nebulizer after 3-4 times in a day and after every three hours during acute respiratory viral infections in adults.


Oral administration is about half teaspoon (2.5 ml), 2-3 drops by nasal administration and 5ml steam by nebulizer after 3-4 times in a day and after every three hours during acute respiratory viral infections in children.

Side Effect:

No side effect reported.

Clinical Trial Assessment:

The inventive pharmaceutical composition was studied in an animal experiment, clinical trials were conducted to experimentally confirm the positive effect of the claimed pharmaceutical composition on metabolic processes. A morphological blood test of experimental animals indicates a positive effect of the pharmacological composition on hematopoiesis. A clinical study of the claimed pharmacological composition was carried out with the involvement of volunteers. Assessment of general health status of the volunteers vessels and organs was carried out according to the Voll method in arbitrary unit.

MINEROLYTE VIR (Spray Solution)

Pharmacological Action of the Nanoparticles (Natural & Minerals) on COVID-19 Virus.

Worldwide the infectious diseases are the leading cause of mortality, particular viruses making global impact on healthcare and socioeconomic development. Nanoparticles have unique physical properties for drug delivery. The product MinerolyteVir Solution has unique property is that in COVID-19 virus infection directly target oriented at the point of the alveolar sack of the lungs. MinerolyteVir Solution nanoparticles combine with the virus and deactivate it. The layer of alveolar which damage by the viral attack, will regenerate by MinerolyteVir Solution and also help in the maintenance of the osmotic concentration of the alveolar cells of the lungs. These are due to the particle size, which affects bioavailability and circulation time, large surface area to volume ratio (enhanced solubility compared to larger particles and large drug payloads) that can be accommodated. These properties of MinerolyteVir Solution make it ideal for candidates to improve therapeutic effects. MinerolyteVir Solution (natural & minerals) that contributes to energy metabolism in the human body, increases its vital energy and strengthens the immune system. MinerolyteVir Solution has a dual action in preventing and in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus.


Once the lung epithelium is damaged by COVID-19, the immune response soon brings about pro-inflammatory cytokines, causing acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ failure. The Minerolyte VIR solution mechanism of action is based on the nanoparticles binding onto the viral envelope or its protein, impairing the interaction with the host cell and the treatment is related to the size, shape and the surface charge of the MinerolyteVir Solution nanoparticles.


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