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*Imran Khan kicks off Covid-19 vaccination drive in Pakistan

International sources record that various coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines presently have now been approved for use, either through individual countries or groups of countries, like the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO). Statistics show that of the 61 countries and territories administering vaccines and publishing rollout data, 45 are high-income nations, 16 are middle-income and none are low-income.

More recently, the first Covid-19 vaccine was also administered in Pakistan, given to a healthcare worker in Islamabad. Prime Minister Imran Khan kicked off the vaccination drive, reminding the people to continue to exercise precautions.

The first shot was given under the supervision of the prime minister. The more you abide through Covid-19 safety measures, the easier it will be to protect everyone from the virus, said PM. I congratulate [all those present here] for working at great speed to import a vaccine. We also thank China for gifting us 500,000 vaccines. The Prime Minister said that same to the shot the doctor had received, healthcare workers in Pakistan that work with Covid-19 patients would be the first to be given the jab, after which the age groups most at risk will be administered the shot. Imran Khan also sought to assure the nation that the vaccine distribution across the various provinces is being done in a just manner. No one should think we distributed more vaccines in a given province than in others. Prime Minister also stressed the significance of healthcare workers getting the shot as all over the world it is the healthcare workers that are most at risk. “I also wish to stress to the nation the importance of Covid-19 SOPs and particularly, wearing a mask. Imran Khan said that schools have been reopened and so will hospitals soon enough. Our cases are at a decline right now. The more you follow SOPs, the easier it will be to save our people from Covid-19. He said that other countries, owing to the high death rate, have had to go for complete lockdowns. Our economy is running and it is the service sector that has been curtailed. If you exercise caution, then all remaining sectors will be reopened, PM said.

It is also said that despatch of the vaccine to all federating units has been ensured, said the NCOC. It said Sindh and Balochistan were sent the vaccine through air, presumably to reduce time and ensure cold chain storage temperature. It was earlier reported that Sindh will receive 8,300 doses which will be transported to Karachi via a commercial flight. The Balochistan government has asked the federal government to raise its quota of Covid-19 vaccines as 5,000 doses cannot cater to the province’s requirement.

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