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Post Budget 2020-21 (Facts & Figures)

Budget At A Glance For FY 2020-21 (Rs. in Billion)
Tax Revenue5,464A. Current6,345
FBR Taxes4,963Interest Payments2,946
Other Taxes501Pension470
Non-Tax Revenue1,109Defence Affairs & Services1,289
a) Gross Revenue Receipts6,573Grants and Transfers to Provinces & Others905
b) Less Provincial Share2,874Subsidies209
I. Net Revenue Receipts (a-b)3,700Running of Civil Govt.476
II. Non Bank Borrowing1,395Provision for Contingencies & Fund50
III. Net External Receipts810B. Development792
IV. Estimated Provincial Surplus242Federal PSDP650
V. Bank Borrowing (T-Bills, PIBs, Sukuk)889Net Lending (Investments & Loans to PSEs minus recoveries)72
VI. Privatization Proceeds100Other Dev. Expenditure Outside PSDP70
Total Resources (I to VI)7,137Total Expenditure(A+B)7,137
Working Of Federal Fiscal Deficit & Financing Budget 2020-21 (Rs. in Billion)
Fiscal DeficitFinancing
A) Federal Revenue (net)3,700A) Net External Financing810
B) Total Federal7,137Multilateral & Bilateral
Expenditure (i+ii)Sources563
i) Current Expenditure6,345Commercial Sources248
ii) Development and Net792
Lending (a+b+c)B) Net Domestic Financing2,527
a) Federal PSDP650National Saving Schemes227
b) Other Development70Government Securities2,300
ExpenditureC) Privatization Proceeds100
c) Net Lending72
C) Federal Deficit (A-B)-3,437Total Financing (A+B+C)3,437


Budget Estimates 2020-21 (Rs. in Billion)
Budget 2019-20 Revised 2019-20 Budget 2020-21
FBR Revenue5,5553,9084,963
Other Revenues1,1621,5961,610
Gross Revenue6,7175,5046,573
Less: Transfer to Provinces-3,255-2,402-2,874
Net Revenue for Federal Government3,4623,1023,700
Federal Budget Deficit-3,560-3,728-3,437
Provincial Surplus423-81242
Overall Budget Deficit-3,137-3,809-3,195
% GDP-7.1%-9.1%-7.0%
Primary Budget Deficit-669-1,099-249
Memo: GDP44,00341,72745,567

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