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Hunar foundation keeping students engaged, motivated and serving in covid-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, youth empowerment through technical training is vulnerable to falling at the bottom of the priority list of decision-makers as well as public and private sector donors. It is necessary to continue to support this sector. Why? Because post COVID-19 Pakistan’s Industry will urgently need skilled labour to face the grave economic crisis that it has been hurdled into.

The Hunar Foundation (THF), a leading NPO in the technical/vocational training sector, wrestles with the effects of the pandemic so that it can continue to provide A SKILL, A CAREER and HOPE to the underprivileged youth through its eight institutes across Pakistan. This is the only sustainable solution for a prosperous Pakistan. Under a lockdown online classes are being conducted to keep the students engaged, motivated and safe in their homes.

After high quality technical training at a THF Institute, a Hunar graduate is assisted through the job placement department to secure employment and become a bread earner for his family. THF strongly believes that “Nothing has a greater social and economic impact, both at an individual and national level, than giving technical/vocational training.” Financial empowerment is necessary so that the youth can pull himself out of poverty and take care of the education and healthcare for his family. Our donors, by supporting THF, uplift a marginalized youth and give him back the lost self-respect and dignity.

During this unprecedented pandemic, with the support of its valuable donors, THF has stepped forward in distributing ration bags to assist the needy families of its THF students. Over 500 families in Karachi and Lahore have been assisted through a collaboration with Karachi Relief Trust in Karachi and SabSaath – an initiative of Zaman Foundation in Lahore. This initiative is ongoing and more families will be assisted with the support of generous donors in the coming weeks.


Furthermore, THF Trustees and donors have engaged industry professionals to develop& manufacture over 10,000 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the safety and security of doctors and paramedic staff who take care of COVID-19 patients. Gear is being distributed to leading government & private hospitals of Karachi & Islamabad where COVID-19 patients are being treated.

More than ever before, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT in these difficult times so that Pakistan’s youth, through your ZAKAT DONATION, is empowered to become financially independent, contributing member of the economy and who adds value to the industry work force as a SKILLED LABOUR … which is a necessity for Pakistan’s future as we come to grips with the enormous scale of devastation to Pakistan’s economy due to COVID-19.

At Hunar we carry the message to move forward from ‘Grief to Hope’ by empowering youth with a skill and converting him from a zakat receiver to a zakat giver.

Please contribute generously through your ZAKAT & DONATIONS to build A Skilled Pakistan. www.hunarfoundation.org/donate.php

The writer Osama Ahmed Khan is a Manager – Resource Mobilization & Development Department, The Hunar Foundation

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