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‘Antman 3’: Something big is coming up soon

'Antman 3': Something big is coming up soon


Published in Geo News on May 10th, 2020,

Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas recently did an Instagram Q&A during which he answered questions regarding the status of “Ant-Man 3”.

The 75-year-old actor who played Dr.Hank Pym in the Ant-Man series said fans must hang in tight as there’s a new update on the Paul Rudd starrer film on its way.

He, however, asked fans to wait for what’s coming next in the Marvel film.


Asked about the film, Michael Douglas said, “I can’t talk about it. Because the Marvel guys, they’ll shoot me with a blowgun. But I think you got to hang tight because there might be some information coming out pretty soon.”

The video was later posted on the official Twitter account of Ant-Man 3 with the same caption.

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