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PCB making all out support to bring international cricket back into the country

In Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is the governing body for cricket. The board is also accountable for the promotion and expansion of the game through its associate and affiliate members throughout Pakistan. Its responsibilities include management of the game at the highest level and the organization of various local tournaments at the national level. An official source mentions that the PCB also administers the system that offers the maintenance of discipline amongst the constituent members and, by the constituent members, overall cricketing bodies and individuals under their control. The board is also accountable for coordinating activities in respect of the game of cricket in all manners and ways, counting the formulation of the laws of the game, its constituent members and other subordinate bodies and to organize national tournaments and international matches in the country.

The selection and composition of cricket teams that represent Pakistan in cricket contests and tours, both in the country and abroad, to acquire, construct, develop and sustain stadia, grounds and other properties are also the key duties of the board. To standardize and control umpiring in cricket and ensure its maintenance at a high level cricket in the whole country is also in the scope of PCB.

Historically, following the establishment of Pakistan as an independent dominion of the British Empire in 1947, professional and amateur cricket commenced in the same year, seeing as local infrastructure had already been organized when the country was part of the British Indian Empire. Cricket matches were arranged informally until 1948, when a Board of Control was formally instituted. Sources also recorded that Pakistan was admitted to the imperial Cricket Conference during 1952, and has since been a full member, playing Test cricket. The team’s first Test series took place in India between October and December 1952. Now the Board also runs its own cricket league which is named as the Pakistan Super League (PSL). PSL is regarded as one of the world’s largest franchise cricket tournament, with its matches played in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sources also recorded that the response to turmoil within the board has on four occasions been to suspend the rules and appoint an ad hoc committee. The first ad hoc committee was appointed during September 1960 and did not disband until May 1963 having created a new constitution.

The President of Pakistan would now nominate the board president who would in turn nominate the other members of the Executive Committee to sit for a period of three years. Representatives of the four provincial cricket associations and Government departments formed the Executive Committee. The BCCP was re-organized during 1970s and was headed by former cricketers, professional administrators and trustees, who were often businessmen. The Board now governed a network of teams sponsored by corporations and banks, city associations and clubs. There is no province-based official team type organization of domestic cricket in the country and Lahore and Karachi cities are the two top tiers of all cricket, counting reservoirs of fresh talent.


The cricket experts also stated that Pakistan cricket was involved by dissension and controversies over the national team’s poor performance during the tour of India and a public uproar forced the end of the Ad Hoc Committee. The Pakistan Cricket Board re-emerged by taking the initiative to sponsor the hugely successful 2004 tour of Pakistan by their rivals India. The Pakistan Cricket Board has competed and has associated itself with the Twenty20 cricket form and has also proven popular and hopes to similarly revive popular interest in domestic games.

PCB Women’s Wing

The official sources also urged that since the establishment of PCB’s Women’s Wing during 2005, the game of cricket among women has enhanced in leaps and bounds and as a result of PCB’s full and all-out support for the establishment and promotion of women’s cricket, Pakistan women’s team has made great progress at the international level. Pakistan Cricket Board has been looking after the welfare of women cricketers since its establishment by offering them with all facilities. PCB has enlarged its full support toward the development of women’s cricket in the country. During the last 23-years, the standards have enhanced and now the game is recognized at par with men’s level.

PCB initiative

The Australian Higher Commissioner to Pakistan, Peter Heyward, visited the PCB headquarters at Qadhafi Stadium, Lahore during September 2012. He appreciated the board’s efforts to bring cricket back in the country. Furthermore, the Asian Cricket Council Development Committee meeting was held in Islamabad during September 2012. The sources also recorded that David Richardson, the chief executive of International Cricket Council, visited National Cricket Academy during January 2013. He said that Pakistan Cricket Board is working very hard to bring international cricket back to Pakistan.

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