Pakistancreates – a platform built to empower women of Pakistan through e-commerce

With the rampant rise in E-commerce and explosion of mobile commerce, the economic playing field for women in Pakistan is changing rapidly and has a positive transformative impact on women entrepreneurs. Not challenging the culture barriers that sometimes require women to stay at home, e-commerce offers women in Pakistan the liberty to work from the comfort of their homes while expanding their online businesses and earning a livelihood.

With this backdrop in mind, PakistanCreates is an e-commerce platform designed specifically for Made in Pakistan products. It is a project of FiveRivers Technologies, which is an international award-winning software company based in Lahore, Pakistan.

“There is such amazing and inspiring talent in Pakistan making beautiful products. We wanted to highlight these products and curate them in one place. That is how PakistanCreates was born. There are millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners who need a platform to sell. PakistanCreates is a small way for us to contribute to this massive local industry with huge potential. Anyone can open their free estore on PakistanCreates. We have kept the registration quite simple with no fees, no subscriptions, no commission and no hidden charges.” – Shared Mahe Zehra Husain- CEO FRT

How PakistanCreates Works – Sell Safely

PakistanCreates’ sellers live all across Pakistan and represent the very best of the entrepreneurial spirit of the country. The sales they generate through PakistanCreates will be an important source of revenue for them. This will also help them to grow their business. The team at FiveRivers Technologies also wants to offer these talented sellers in-person and online training. Ranging from branding, to content creation, photography and more.

How PakistanCreates Work – Buy risk free

PakistanCreates’ sellers are handpicked and verified to provide buyers with a fun, yet secure experience. The products are beautifully unique and some are exclusively a specialty of local Pakistani talented “makers” not found anywhere in the world. PakistanCreates is an online haven for shoppers; from art pieces to organic beauty products and handcrafted candles, there is a wide range and variety to choose from. With a great customer experience, authentic reviews and multiple ways to pay, PakistanCreates aims to provide its buyers with an unforgettable experience and to keep them coming back again and again!

The launch of “PakistanCreates” has opened up new avenues and opportunities for the women in Pakistan, giving them much needed direction and support. Such initiatives will definitely improve the social ranking of women in Pakistan and encourage them to start their businesses from the comfort of their homes and pursue their passion and dreams as well as empower them.

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