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Despite the many miseries the pandemic brought along with it, Mr. Amir Hashmi sees a few unintended benefits.

Let’s start off with Covid-19. How has it affected your business?

Covid-19 has had unpresedented impact on every single business around the world.

Despite the many miseries the pandemic brought along with it, I observed a few unintended benefits. For some brands, it’s a challenge. For others, it’s an opportunity. Those innovating their business models, focusing on how people consuming digital, creating relevant content to niche audience are reaching more customers and earning affinity for their brands.

The products we produce are of health care that boost immunity, keep weight in check, and promote fitness. Therefore, being industry leaders, the pandemic has boosted us, and challenged us to be better. Most of our products including Hashmi Ispaghol, Hashmi Honey, and many more are known as the best health products around the globe. Yes, initially, due to the confusion the virus caused, there was a drop, but a bare minimum one for a couple of weeks. The virus is the new normal, and it’s an opportunity for the healthy products that we create to sell out, and they are. Additionally, the virus resulted in people being more health conscious than before. Therefore, it has been a podium for us to only expand.


Hashmi is a household name. Is that the reason the pandemic boosted it?

Yes. However, another reason is that health care is now more in demand than ever. We’re globally known, and that too, for 225 years. Consumers tend to go to what they see as a safe and promising option. With Hashmi being the best, our demand has shot up. Health care is a need. Hashmi has positioned itself as the best provider, with the finest of quality there is out there. We have been in the business for the longest time, and hence, many can relate and associate with us. The pandemic has only been a stepping stone for us, and we have taken that in our stride.

What is the one thing that makes Hashmi the household name it has become today?

After 225 years in business, we can proudly say that commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is our key to success. Consumers are always looking for premium quality and high-end products hence the only way to earn their loyalty and support is to provide them with top tier products and impeccable customer support.

What are the challenges for a brand like Hashmi to remain sustainable in times when consumer trends are changing rapidly?

Companies around the world are facing similar challenges in various industries. Customers are now using their mobile devices to discover and purchase new products, new technologies are being introduced to the market, health awareness trends are changing across the globe, etc. In order for us to keep evolving and remain sustainable, we are always focused on what is in front of us and preparing in advance for what we think will be important to our company or our customers in the next 5 years. We need to make sure we are using the latest technologies, we have a presence on all mainstream social media, mobile and other platforms, are using only premium ingredients.

Is this the first time your company has gone all out with rebranding? Has this marketing tool helped Hashmi in the past?

We are set to revolutionize our category and let our class speak for itself. Our company has always been following the latest market trends and adapting to new product demands and customer requirements. We have achieved incredible results in the past with product lines such as Hashmi Ispaghol and showed that evolution works. At the core of what we are doing, we are not rebranding our product lines, we are letting our brand evolve with the new age of digital retail, making product improvements and creating a brand new image for our entire product roaster. All this will just create a much better experience for all our customers.

Considering the increase in digital distribution, how have you divided Hashmi’s content between traditional and digital media? Why?

Customers are mostly going digital today but we have respect for media in general and all our decisions are based on observations. We are conducting weekly analysis to make sure that we understand where Hashmi customers are moving in terms of their consumption of content, purchasing decision and other personal interests. By understanding their habits and needs, we make content and other plans and then update them based on the results. Once you identify the channel that works, you just have to scale it.

Where do you see the company in the next 10 years?

Since markets are accelerating, growing and changing at the exponential rate, it is almost impossible to predict where our company will be in 10 years but one thing that we are sure about is that we will not stop growing, adapting to new market trends and creating top of the line products for our customers.

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