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PAGE is the leading weekly financial magazine of the country for nearly 40 years. It is read widely both nationally and internationally for its coverage of various topics and investigative reporting by the business community, members of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges, members of different chambers of commerce and industry, governments officials, professionals, bankers, students and is also subscribed by major libraries around the world. PAGE is also read by students in the following institutions: Institute of Business Administration; University of Punjab; Greenwich University; Preston University; Bahauddin Zakaria University, Multan; Hamdard University, University of Sindh (IBA), Jamshoro; IBA Sukkar; Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS); IBA Lahore IQRA University; Szabist University, ICMAP etc.

Normal Cover Price is Rs. 250 per edition


Special rate for subscriptions
Pakistan (Registered Post) Rs. 4800
America, Canada US$260
Middle East US $225
Asia, Africa & Europe US$225


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