Daraz boosts opportunities for Pakistanis from all cultural backgrounds! Hear how Sharoon makes his living with Daraz Express

Daraz Express (DEX), Pakistan’s leading e-logistic entity, has stepped up to create and provide employment opportunities for Pakistanis from all backgrounds and regions during these unprecedented times. Over the past few months, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in e-commerce adoption in Pakistan. This has not only been encouraging for the economy, but has also helped to generate jobs across the board.

Since its inception, Daraz has always welded towards empowering the people, whether through DEX or other services. DEX, the logistics arm of Daraz, has significantly expanded its operations and network and today handles up to 60% of all orders received on the leading e-commerce platform in the country. However, there are a number of barriers and challenges in the e-commerce industry, due to which the industry’s growth in the country has lagged in comparison to other regional economies.

Nonetheless, the effect Daraz has had on the lives of ordinary Pakistanis remains significant. One example of someone whose life has been bettered by Daraz is Sharoon. As a minority in Pakistan – and especially within a waning economy – opportunities are sparse for people such as Sharoon. Fortunately, Sharoon found a place at DEX and has since become an important part of the DEX team.

As a rider, Sharoon spends much of his day traversing Lahore, often from one end to the other, delivering orders door to door for Daraz customers. To give some context, 100,000 packages were dispatched daily for delivery post the recent sale on Daraz. Even so, over 43% of the orders received were processed within the first 12 hours of the sale.

Moreover, in the megacities of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, the logistics company has enabled Daraz to offer customers express delivery whereby items are shipped to their doorsteps within 24 hours. Earlier this year, to offer greater comfort and ease to customers, Daraz also introduced free return pickups in the three cities which are facilitated by DEX.

As such, you can imagine the kinds of days Sharoon has, speeding from one end of Lahore to the other to ensure that Daraz customers receive their orders on time and to their satisfaction. Yet despite this, Sharoon still manages to spend ample quality time with this family, whom he supports. This is because DEX understands the importance of its people; and of all the people of Pakistan. Which is why the company is proud to offer opportunities to every single Pakistani, whatever their cultural background.