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The Pakistan & Gulf Economist (PAGE) was established in 1977 and is Pakistan’s only weekly business magazine. It has readership via its print and online version trans nationally and internationally and shares its content with a number of content collectors and distributors. Readership segments span through the government and private sectors as well as an active number of student readers.

PAGE provides in-depth stories on leading economic and business topics and regularly carries out sector-wise investigative and research-led articles. It has a dedicated section covering Pakistan’s capital markets.

Considering its unique position in Pakistan’s print and online media, PAGE provides its advertising clients with a unique platform to promote their products and services. It is a reliable and proven source to promote and enhance brand value.

PAGE inter-active website draws a large number of visitors who want to get more information about a certain industry, subject, or topic. In the increasingly wired world of today, web advertising makes good business sense. The importance of web advertising can hardly be over-emphasized to market goods and services-particularly PAGE website which is widely popular not only locally but also overseas.

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