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Strengthening bonds: Pakistan and Netherlands forge path for mutual growth


Pakistan and the Netherlands affirmed the importance of bolstering bilateral relations and exploring new avenues for collaboration in areas of mutual interest.

Ambassador Henny de Vries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands met with Minister for Finance and Revenue, Muhammad Aurangzeb, to discuss matters of mutual concern and reinforce the existing ties between the two nations, according to Finance Ministry statement issued here in Islamabad on Wednesday (April 3).

Minister Aurangzeb warmly welcomed Ambassador de Vries, expressing gratitude for the enduring friendship and cooperation shared by Pakistan and the Netherlands. He underscored the significance of the bilateral relationship, rooted in common values and a history of cooperation.

The discussion delved into the structural reforms underway in Pakistan to promote economic growth and ensure fiscal stability. Minister Aurangzeb emphasised Pakistan’s keen interest in technology transfer and leveraging the Netherlands’ expertise in agriculture, dairy, and farm production to boost production and exports, thereby contributing significantly to Pakistan’s economy.

Ambassador de Vries echoed these sentiments, reaffirming the Netherlands’ commitment to advancing cooperation with Pakistan across various sectors. She commended the government’s efforts to implement reforms in key economic and financial sectors.

Furthermore, Ambassador de Vries highlighted pilot projects initiated by the Netherlands in Pakistan, including fish production, ensuring labour safety and environmental standards in the textile industry, and water management projects in agriculture. She expressed the Netherlands’ dedication to expanding these initiatives and fostering cooperation in other areas of mutual interest.

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