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Business activity starting to rise

Business activity starting to rise

Interview with Mr Sajid Katiya — CEO, Sacha’s Cakes

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please:

Sajid Katiya: I am an entrepreneur. Currently, working as CEO of Karachi’s top customised cake place, Sacha’s Cakes ( I am also a co-founder of Pakistan’s first online uniform platform, Youniform ( and also founder of Online Abaya Brand Dhaagey Abayat (

PAGE: How do you see 2024 for business activities?

Sajid Katiya: I am optimistic about the business outlook for 2024, especially with upcoming elections on the horizon. The formation of a new government after the elections is poised to create a positive and conducive business environment in the country. Encouraging signs, such as the positive performance of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), stability in currency value, lower fuel prices, and steady prices of basic food items, further reinforce this positive outlook. The anticipation of a new government often brings expectations of clear policy directions and economic reforms, contributing to overall stability and confidence in the business sector. The positive trajectory observed in key economic indicators suggests a favorable environment for both local and international businesses. As we move closer to the elections and witness the subsequent political landscape, it will be essential to stay attuned to developments and adapt strategies accordingly. Monitoring these indicators will provide valuable insights into the evolving economic conditions and guide businesses in making informed decisions for sustainable growth.

PAGE: Energy prices were rather exorbitant over the course of preceding couple of years. What is your standpoint on energy prices in 2024?

Sajid Katiya: Managing operational costs is a key consideration for the businesses, and energy prices play a crucial role in this equation. Observing the current trend where international energy prices are nearing a yearly low, I anticipate local prices to stabilise. To navigate this, it’s essential for businesses to proactively incorporate these anticipated costs into operational strategies, ensuring a forward-thinking approach that aligns with market dynamics and promotes financial stability.

PAGE: What is your perspective about purchasing power of customers in 2024?

Sajid Katiya: In the backdrop of a stabilising political landscape, I foresee a positive influence on the economic climate, bolstered by recent encouraging economic indicators. While some metrics are promising, the trajectory of purchasing power hinges on customer categories. Overall, I anticipate that purchasing power is likely to either remain stable or potentially see an increase. Effectively navigating this intricate landscape demands a nuanced understanding of diverse customer segments and the implementation of proactive strategies to adeptly respond to evolving economic dynamics.

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