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Future prosperity

Interview with Muhammad Mujtaba — Chief Executive, Realigns Pharmaceuticals (based in Thailand)

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please:

Muhammad Mujtaba: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Karachi, and I furthered my education with a specialisation in International Business from Harvard Business School. My entrepreneurial journey began in 2002, and in 2010, I took a significant step by establishing my own business.

Currently, I am at the helm of Realigns Inc, a US-based international consulting company specialising in healthcare and technologies Our mission is to provide strategic guidance and innovative solutions to clients globally. In parallel, I am the founder of Realigns Pharmaceuticals, a company based in Thailand dedicated to the manufacturing and export of organic skincare, personal care, and cosmetics products.

Recognising the challenges that startups face in reaching international markets, I founded Realigns eStore, an online global selling platform (Ecommerce). This platform empowers startups to showcase and sell their brands and products on leading online retail channels worldwide. Throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about merging business acumen with a commitment to sustainability. My focus is on creating synergies between healthcare, technology, and the beauty industry. I believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and ethical business practices to drive meaningful impact.

PAGE: How was 2023 for business activities?

Muhammad Mujtaba: I’m pleased to reflect on the achievements and challenges we faced in 2023. It was a dynamic year marked by significant growth and strategic initiatives. Despite the successes, we faced challenges, particularly in navigating supply chain disruptions and adapting to changing consumer preferences. However, our team’s resilience and adaptability allowed us to implement effective solutions, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Key collaborations with leading online platforms and strategic partnerships with distributors played a pivotal role in our market reach and brand visibility. Customer engagement initiatives and valuable feedback guided improvements to our products and services, fostering strong relationships with our global customer base. Looking ahead, we are optimistic about the future. We plan to build on the momentum of 2023, exploring new markets, enhancing our product lines, and further solidifying our position as a leader in the organic skincare and cosmetics industry. The lessons learned and experiences gained in 2023 will undoubtedly shape our path towards continued success and sustainability.

PAGE: What is your standpoint on cost of doing business in 2023?

Muhammad Mujtaba: As the Chief Executive of Realigns Pharmaceuticals company, I recognise the dynamic nature of the business environment in 2023. The global economic landscape, including factors like inflation and market dynamics, undoubtedly poses challenges. In our industry, where sustainability and quality are paramount, we are closely monitoring the costs of organic ingredients and adapting our sourcing strategies. We’ve proactively invested in sustainable practices, not only aligning with our values but also contributing to long-term cost efficiency. Our commitment to innovation allows us to explore new production methods that enhance efficiency without compromising the integrity of our products.

In an international business practices collaboration is key, and we maintain strong partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. This collaborative approach helps us navigate potential challenges in the supply chain. Despite the uncertainties, we maintain a positive outlook. Our brand’s (Dellameria) emphasis on organic and sustainable practices positions us well in a market where consumers increasingly value such commitments. We see growth opportunities in meeting the evolving demands of conscious consumers, and our focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation will continue to guide us through 2023 and beyond

PAGE: How would you comment on the impact of inflationary pressures on productivity in 2023?

Muhammad Mujtaba: At Realigns Pharmaceuticals company with a global reach, I acknowledge the prevailing inflationary pressures are impacting businesses worldwide in 2023. In our export markets, including the USA, Gulf, and the Middle East, we are attentive to regional variations in inflation rates and economic conditions. The increased costs associated with inflation present challenges in our supply chain, particularly in terms of raw material prices and transportation. To address these challenges, we have implemented robust cost management strategies, including proactive renegotiation of contracts and the optimisation of operational processes. Currency fluctuations play a role in our international operations, and we carefully monitor exchange rates to ensure the competitiveness of our pricing strategies in different markets. Our adaptability and commitment to innovation are pivotal as we navigate these inflationary pressures. We are investing in technology and process improvements to maintain and enhance productivity. Understanding the potential impact on consumer behaviour, we remain proactive in our customer communication. Transparent and open communication about any adjustments in pricing or product offerings is key to maintaining trust in these dynamic market conditions.

Looking ahead, our company is committed to long-term sustainability. We view these inflationary pressures as temporary challenges that require strategic adaptation. By staying true to our values and focusing on innovation, we are confident in our ability to navigate the complexities of 2023 and continue delivering high-quality organic skincare and cosmetics globally.

PAGE: What is your take on government incentives for the betterment of business activities in 2023?

Muhammad Mujtaba: I recognise the invaluable role that government incentives play in fostering a conducive business environment. In Thailand and our export markets in the USA, Gulf, and the Middle East, these incentives have been instrumental in supporting our growth and sustainability initiatives. Government collaborations have been vital in ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting industry-wide sustainability goals. Our company actively participates in initiatives that contribute to the overall betterment of the organic skincare and cosmetics sector.

Looking forward, we see government incentives as opportunities for further growth. By expanding our market reach, investing in innovative solutions, and creating new employment opportunities, we believe these incentives contribute not only to the success of individual businesses but also to the overall economic prosperity.

While we appreciate the current support, there may be opportunities to enhance certain aspects of the incentive landscape. We recommend continued dialogue and collaboration between the government and industry stakeholders to refine existing incentives and explore new avenues for supporting businesses in 2023 and beyond.

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