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Charity work must be streamlined, accountable

Charity work must be streamlined, accountable

Interview with Muhammad Asif, co-founder of Ahbab Welfare Trust

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please:

Muhammad Asif: I am the member of ICMA and PIPFA since 2018 and the co-founder of Ahbab Welfare Trust. I have been associated with the field of accountancy and finance for almost 20 years and currently working as a head of finance. During this period, I worked in many companies, most of which are related to NPO which gave me the opportunity to closely observe the nonprofit organisations.

PAGE: Could you give your perspective on the charity work in Pakistan?

Muhammad Asif: We have seen in Pakistan especially in Karachi and other large cities that different NGOs/NPOs are working and supporting in daily life issues, such as food, health and education etc. This is really helpful for people but we have observed that most of the people are taking advantage for the same and sometimes it could not reach the real face/white-collar person, just before professionals understand the criteria, following the process and taking advantages of the same. My point of view is that we should give startups and partnerships in small businesses so that sincere persons cannot be deprived. It will also build the control over the investments as well. It could be difficult but possible.

Secondly, all the charity organisations should be aligned and integrated so that repetition and duplication should not happen. It will also help to identify those professional beggars and lazy persons. This act may motivate the white collar individuals to start up and make their own account active. The second party can review/involve all the details and aspects. Gradually, it could support our economy as well. We can export the products to different areas of the world and reduce the imports.

PAGE: What is your standpoint on the donations made by philanthropists?

Muhammad Asif: Donation from a philanthropists is also very important and necessary but it should not be used for personal use. We have observed that initially individuals start/collect charity to get started whereas after getting popular their goals change or others may use in the other side. I personally know many charity houses and their heads working for the sake of poverty. They work day and night for the people without any personal interest and seen success in many fields. They started with single department and now hundreds of departments are working. People are connecting with them and making them strong to work for the benefit of the people.

PAGE: What is your take on the level of poverty in Pakistan?

Muhammad Asif: It is very clear that inflation is impacting the people’s daily life and inflation rate is more than 100 per cent in last two years, which has impacted severely but there are many people who are making charity to white-collar individuals without any publications, and we have observed in flood and earthquakes that how people have done charity without any publicity. This is very important to get this aligned.

PAGE: How would you comment on the participation by the youth in charity work?

Muhammad Asif: Many young people energetically participate in charity work and volunteer programmes to make a constructive impact on their communities and humanity. This participation can take various modes, such as volunteering at local nonprofits, fundraising for charitable organisations, or participating in community service projects. It’s an excellent way for youth to develop valuable skills, gain a sense of purpose, and contribute to causes they care about.

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