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100 Years of World Cup Hosts


by Martin Armstrong,

FIFA announced Wednesday it had agreed that the sole candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup would be the combined bid of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. In addition, in view of the centenary of the first World Cup, held in Uruguay in 1930, there will also be a ceremony in the country’s capital Montevideo, as well as three opening matches being played in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

The 2030 World Cup will therefore have an unprecedented format, as it will be held in six countries and on three continents (Africa, Europe and South America). Until now, the World Cup has never been held in more than two countries or on different continents. In 2002, South Korea and Japan held it jointly, while in 2026 it will be held in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Despite FIFA president Gianni Infantino hailing how “In a divided world, FIFA and football are coming together,” the plans have come in for some initial harsh criticism – mainly for the effect the geographical spread will have on the tournament’s carbon footprint. Concerns have also been raised that, due to a change in hemispheres, some teams will end up having to play the competition in two different meteorological seasons.

As our infographic shows, since 1930, the FIFA Men’s World Cup has been held every four years, with only two interruptions caused by the Second World War, in 1942 and 1946.

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