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Marhaba “the name of pride”

– Marhaba exporting superior quality natural products to over 40 countries

– Marhaba set to explore new horizons Under Hakeem Muhammad Usman leadership

Marhaba Laboratories (Private) Limited established in 1975, introduced Pakistan’s purest range of natural products under the umbrella brand name ‘Marhaba’, and over the years it has continuously innovated to create world-class research laboratories.

Marhaba has the largest and best-equipped production facilities for health and consumer products. Marhaba is one of the fastest-growing companies providing healthy food products, herbal medicines, and natural cosmetics. Due to market confidence and acceptance at mass levels, Marhaba has become Pakistan’s No.1 natural brand.

Focusing on its mission “Marhaba Laboratories are taking a lead initiative in reviving the centuries-old heritage of oriental pharmacy by bringing futuristic innovation and sophistication. Marhaba is committed to serving humanity by improving the quality of life through natural, safe, cost-effective and human-friendly herbal products,” for the last five decades.

Everyday sun of Marhaba witnessed new developments in natural products, under the visionary leadership of Hakeem Muhammad Usman, CEO of Marhaba Laboratories. Marhaba Laboratories is dedicated to sophisticated research to explore new horizons in herbal medicines for a quality life and is distinguished due to the purity of its products. This is contributing to the development of the Pakistani economy by exporting to more than 40 countries.

Hakeem Muhammad Usman Sahib is personally focused on Marhaba export, in view of which every day some Ambassador visits the Marhaba company and Hakeem Sahib personally participates in every international exhibition where pure and natural products of Marhaba are presented to a global audience.

Hakeem Sahib has dedicated his passio n for serving humanity by providing quality health products to reduce the mortality rate. He is the son of the soil and works tirelessly to promote Pakistani exports as well. Spreading the green color of Marhaba is actually the spread of the green color of Pakistan.

Flagship products of Marhaba Laboratories include Marhaba Ispaghol, Marhaba Honey, Marhaba Original Formula Joshanda, Marhaba Syrup Gulbahar, Marhaba Rose Water, Marhaba Pure Oil, Marhaba Scientifically Preserved Preserves, Marhaba Toot Siya, Marhaba Gasnil and Cardi-Care have been recognizing worldwide for last five decades. All the products of Marhaba have become the most trusted brand among its contemporary in serving humanity due to its specific medical prescriptions and utmost purity.

Appreciating Hakeem Muhammad Usman’s love for the nation and the unique products of Marhaba Laboratories, Company has been honored with many awards, including Consumer Choice Award and a Civil Award. Of course, behind the company’s mission is the vision of the organization “To become the first choice of consumers globally by providing them natural health & wellbeing”, on which the management and Marhaba team are focused.

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