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Threads by Meta: A New Era of Social Connection Unveiled

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The latest addition to the digital media world and social media platforms is the Meta introduced social networking site Threads. It was launched on July 5th, 2023 by the owners of renowned apps like Instagram and Facebook.  Threads is a text-based app that took people on social media platforms by storm as it has been crowned as the fastest application to reach a record 150 million downloads. Right after its launch people could not help but notice its strong resemblance with Twitter. Surprisingly, in less than a month of its inauguration, the sister app of Instagram managed to grab followers equivalent to one-quarter of its rival, Twitter. Here is a guide for the people who are still wondering about using this overnight sensationalized application. 

How to use it?

Like all other social media platforms, Threads also demands its audience to log in to experience the interface. Surprisingly, you would find the sign-up for Threads highly convenient and familiar as it bears similarity to Instagram. Moreover, due to its connection to your Instagram account, you would not need to sign-up from the very beginning. So download the app, create your account in simple steps, get your profile filled, and finally choose the privacy settings that suit you the best. Once you are done with the initial setup you are good to go for having some fun and exciting time ahead. Interestingly, unlike any other app, Meta will allow you to auto-transfer your available Instagram connections to your Threads account.  Keep this in mind, by joining Threads you agree to Meta’s terms and policy. Hence read them carefully before making your account. Here is a list of things that might help you to decide whether to use it or not:

Easy interaction

Threads offers its users an easy way of interacting with their friends and followers. You can express yourself openly as it allows you to make posts with up to 500 characters. This feature of Threads makes it highly convenient to present an idea or a longer story without any restrictions. Hence your flowers do not have to read several posts to understand one idea. Moreover, a similar interface of this app does not let a person feel like a stranger in this new world of Threads. 

No verification issue

Threads is a breath of fresh air for influencers, celebrities, and social media handlers. As they do not have to get through the long process of verification to get themself recognized as a certified account. If your Instagram account is verified then Meta would allow you to have an automatic verification on Threads as well. That little blue tick would no longer be a trouble for you anymore with Threads. 

Threads to Instagram cross-posting

You can cross-post stuff from Threads to Instagram with great convenience and assistance. Due to the strong connection and being the sister brands, Meta has made it super easy for people to share the same content over the two apps. So you no longer would have to take a screenshot of the text, crop it and then share it to some other platform. By clicking the paper airplane at the bottom of each thread and adding it to your Instagram story you can get it done. It would not even take a minute and the post would be cross-shared to another social media platform.  


Meta has made their freshly developed application available in more than 100 countries for Apple and Android users. People can connect to a large number of audiences through this text-sharing application. 

Safe to use

Meta has given the highest priority to people’s safety while designing this application. Like other Meta-owned social media platforms, a huge sum of money is being invested to ensure safety on this newly launched social site. Thus you need not worry about the security of your data while being online on Threads. 

No ads

Lastly, for now, Threads is free of any ads. In other words, it is now possible to enjoy continuous scrolling and interacting without any breaks. So use the application, till you can avail this perk.

Things you might not like

Threads has some drawbacks too. You might not be able to find certain important details in this Meta-launched application. It does not provide its users with the option to directly message their friends and followers. This might be a huge turn-off for a lot of people. Unlike Twitter, Threads does not offer the feature to see trending news and hashtags in its application. Threads does not even provide the concept of hashtags. This might make it hard for people to spread their reach on this digital platform. Lastly, Threads imposes a restriction on how many posts can people read per day. 

Based upon the above guide you might be able to make a decision; if you wish to join it or not. 




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