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Pakistani Australians mark August 14th with zeal

Pakistani Australians mark August 14 with zeal

Interview with Mr. Jauhar Janjua — an Australia-based Pakistani


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PAGE: Could you give your perspective on the 14th August Independence Day celebrations by the Pakistanis in Australia?

Jauhar Janjua: Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated in Sydney every year with events starting from the 12th till the 14th. Each community in its own area celebrates Independence Day. Activities include flag hoisting and dinner with a bit of personalisation such as a competition and award distribution for community engagement and contributions.

PAGE: Do you miss Pakistan? How would you celebrate 14th August if you were in Pakistan?

Jauhar Janjua: Yes, I do miss Pakistan. It will always be my home and my identity. At this stage, I am not keen on moving back to Pakistan but once I have groomed and established myself, I do look forward to coming back home and doing something for Pakistan.

PAGE: Could you share the feelings of the Pakistani diaspora about Pakistan?

Jauhar Janjua: Australia is home to Pakistanis from different backgrounds. 90 percent of Pakistani Australians still love and want to go back home eventually. While 10 percent would never want to go back and have completely disassociated themselves from Pakistan. Currently, Pakistanis are very much disheartened by the political situation and the economic crisis and are doing their best to help. 

PAGE: What questions do Pakistani-descent kids ask about Pakistan?

Jauhar Janjua: They ask the following questions:

Why did you leave?

Why is Pakistani politics so wrong?

Why are people so poor in Pakistan? 

Why are other South Asian countries better than Pakistan, economically?

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