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Pakistan completely fulfills Halal meat need

Pakistan completely fulfills Halal meat need

The Halal meat of Pakistan is famous all over the world for its unique taste and quality and the name of Pakistan in the Halal market is the guarantee, said Chairman All Pakistan Halal Meat Processors and Exporters Association of Pakistan, Convener Standing Committee for Halal Food Export and Import Lahore Chamber and former executive committee member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Nasib Ahmad Saifi while talking to the media persons recently.

“We understand the world’s concern about the quality and safety of Halal meat, and we assure the world that domestic slaughterhouses for Halal meat exports have strict regulations and are carefully monitored to ensure the products are Halal and healthy.

He said that slaughterhouses operating for the export of Halal meat are under the jurisdiction of the Animal Quarantine Department, which oversees all processes of meat production from the transportation of animals to slaughtering and is responsible for packing and monitoring till delivery. He said that the department ensures the implementation of strict regulations and standards and is responsible for ensuring that the animals are healthy while slaughtering is done humanely and hygienically. The meat is then inspected by certified veterinarians to ensure it is fit for consumption.

Additionally, the Animal Quarantine Department conducts regular inspections and audits to ensure that slaughterhouses are operating within the regulations and standards. This includes animal health, sanitation and hygiene of facilities, and safety of workers and consumers.

He further said the authorized slaughterhouses follow strict Halal guidelines for exports, including using sharp, clean knives and reciting prayers before slaughter, this process ensures that the meat is Halal and acceptable for consumption according to Islamic dietary laws.

Meanwhile, he notified that some local slaughterhouses do not apply to export-oriented rules as they operate under different rules and regulations. He asked them to practice under the jurisdiction of the concerned authorities and adhere to the export-based strict standards.

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