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LRBT observes Pakistan Day with vision of freedom

LRBT observes Pakistan Day with vision of freedom

Interview with Dr Malik Ahmed Saeed, (Lt.Col. Retd)

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please:

A poem about myself

A Veteran, with stories untold,

His memoirs waiting to unfold.

A soldier, tough and brave,

But with a heart that’s kind and gave.

A doctor, a true Messiah,

A life-saving, compassionate fire.

A father, a superhero in our eyes,

Who sacrificed his all, no compromise.

A traveler, with a heart full of wonder,

Making memories, as we wander.

A companion, with whom to explore,

Living life, never to be a bore.

An elder brother, a friend and guide,

Standing by us, through every tide.

A fatherly figure, always there,

Our love for him, beyond compare.

Education: Proud Iqbalian from prestigious Government College, Lahore led to doing MBBS from King Edward Medical College Lahore.

Military Service: Served in the Army Medical Corps for 21 years. After serving at different installations and hospitals in Army including Siachen and 4 years in Northern Areas, PAF and Pakistan Navy including Ships, Submarine and Aviation. During which, I performed medical duties as part of Haj Medical Mission to KSA. Moreover, I was seconded to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as SMO Air Academy Riyadh for three and a half years, being specialized in Aviation Medicine (Flight Surgeon).

Civil Service: – Administrator Karwan-e-Hayat Psychiatric Hospital Keamari in 2004, in which I renovated the building and made it functional as a 100 bedded Hospital.

– Medical Superintendent Ziauddin University Hospital Keamari- four Years.

– Chief Medical Officer K-Electric for five years from which, I retired after attaining age of superannuation, on 5th July 2016

– Administrative Superintendent LRBT Korangi Hospital – Presently serving in LRBT (Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust) for more than six years. Since its inception 37 years ago, LRBT, through its 19 hospitals and 60 clinics, has treated over 52 million patients and performed over 5.1 million major and minor eye surgeries. 52 millionth, patient being Baby Asifa from Ghotki, who had corneal transplant done, in addition to her sister.

Vision: LRBT is committed to creating a better Pakistan by preventing the suffering caused by blindness and other ailments. To this end it will provide state-of-art comprehensive free eye-care for the poor across Pakistan, in keeping with its tradition of excellence, efficiency and compassion for all.

Mission: No man, woman or child should go blind just because they cannot afford the treatment.

Working for LRBT, in provision of this service has given me immense satisfaction, as a light of hope for people, needing my support. May Allah SWT accept my little contribution, Ameen.

PAGE: Tell us about the Pakistan Day celebrations at LRBT?

Dr Malik Ahmed Saeed: Pakistan day commemorates the day, when the vision of an independent nation was presented to the world. It is a celebration of the vision of freedom and we observe it by exercising our vision of freedom, through showcasing the love for our beloved nation. At LRBT, we mark this day with simple festivities. It begins with the hoisting of the flag and the national anthem, followed by a tribute to the visionaries of the day and singing praise for them through patriotic songs. The day concludes with cake cutting while the entire organization is filled with a spirit of patriotism.

PAGE: What is your standpoint about Pakistan in 1947 and Pakistan today?

Dr Malik Ahmed Saeed: Pakistan came into existence on August 14, 1947, after the partition of India. At the time of its creation, Pakistan faced several challenges, including the displacement of millions of people, communal riots, and the division of assets between India and Pakistan. But the founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, envisioned Pakistan as a democratic and secular state where Muslims would have the freedom to practice their religion without fear of persecution.

Since independence, Pakistan has experienced significant political and social changes, including the adoption of different constitutions, the establishment of democratic institutions, and periods of military rule. The country has also faced significant economic, security, and social challenges, including regional conflicts, natural disasters, poverty, and terrorism.

In recent years, Pakistan has made progress in several areas, including economic development, social progress, and foreign relations. The country has implemented reforms to improve its business climate, attract foreign investment, and reduce poverty. The government has also initiated several social programs to support vulnerable segments of society, including women and children.

Overall, Pakistan has come a long way since its creation in 1947 and this journey will keep on going upward and better. These ups and downs have made us stronger and more resilient nation.

PAGE: Where do you see Pakistan 10 years down the line?

Dr Malik Ahmed Saeed: Pakistan having a population of over 230 million people, strategically located at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. A country with immense potential and it has made significant strides in recent years in areas such as economic development, social progress and foreign relations.

In the next 10 years, it is likely that Pakistan is will continue to experience demographic and economic growth driven by factors such as the young, full of energy population and increasing foreign investment. However they are some pressing issues such as poverty and inequality. In this effort LRBT plays an integral part by giving everyone equal healthcare. If such organization keep pushing their efforts the potential for the country is explosive.

Overall, Pakistan has the potential to become a major player in the world if we seize the opportunity to achieve sustainable growth and development.

PAGE: How would you describe your love for Pakistan?

Dr Malik Ahmed Saeed: Love for one’s country is often described as patriotism, which can take different forms, ranging from a deep sense of pride and loyalty to a more critical and constructive approach aimed at improving the country’s social, economic, and political conditions.

Some people may express their love for Pakistan through acts of service, such as, express their love by actively participating in the country’s democratic or by contributing to charitable organizations that work to address social issues. I’m very much the latter.

My love for Pakistan is manifested in my efforts by promoting positive change, supporting social causes, and contributing to build a better future for the country through my knowledge and experience. May it be for our Defence Forces, or through various hospitals and Charitable Organizations like LRBT & Karwan-e-Hayat Psychiatric Hospital, Allah has blessed me with the knowledge and strength to give my share, for Pakistan and humanity.

In the end, I would say that as sure as I am of my death, the same surety I have that Pakistan will rise to become a great Nation. Insha Allah.

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