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Ronaldo vs Messi: Who is the real GOAT

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Ronaldo vs Messi: Who is the real GOAT


Published in Bol News, on Nov 24th, 2022, Web Desk

Ronaldo and Messi will play their fifth and likely last World Cup in Qatar.

Messi, 35, said in October that 2022 will be his last World Cup, while Ronaldo, 37, has yet to remark.

Since 2000, football fans have questioned who’s better. The conversation will certainly continue after they leave.

As the two football titans near the end of their careers, we look back at their top-level performances.


Ronaldo has played 191 international matches compared to Messi’s 164.

Messi, who left Barcelona for Paris last year, played his debut international game against Hungary in 2005.

Ronaldo leads Messi in goals scored.

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney has 117 goals. Messi’s tally: 90.

Ronaldo won the 2016 European Championship and Messi the 2021 Copa America.

FIFA history

Messi has played 19 matches at football’s most famous event, two more than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has seven goals, one more than Messi.

Messi reached the 2014 World Cup final, whereas Ronaldo did not. South America defeated 1-0 in extra time versus Germany.

Messi was awarded the Golden Ball for the tournament’s best performance. In 2006, Ronaldo reached the semi-finals.

Competitive club

Ronaldo has 701 club goals and Messi has 695, making them the top two in football history.

Messi has played 100 more games than Ronaldo, giving him a better game-to-goal ratio.

However, Messi has nearly 50% more assists than Ronaldo.

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