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Digitalization in Pakistan – E-Commerce Market Opportunities

Pakistan is fast-growing tech-savvy country where its major force is youth. The scope of digital marketing in Pakistan is growing at a rapid pace due to increasing internet and mobile users. This shows that there is great potential for businesses to grow online to reach target audience and achieve goals through mobile marketing.

Digital Footprint

Connecting the dots with potential consumer on a local and global level through engagement, brand awareness, sell and promote through e-commerce and earn higher ROI by following latest trends. The growth of digital marketing also positively impacting Pakistani economy linking it with e-commerce platforms like Daraz, OLX, Food Panda, Kravemart, Bazaar, Retalio, Dastgyr and others through online transactions as well as it is cost-effective and time saving. Digital marketing is quickly becoming the go-the-choice for businesses regardless of any size and even well supportive for small entrepreneurs.


There is a lot of scope for growth of digital marketeers to get successful in the field it is important to be creative, innovative, following latest trends with social ethics and hitting the customers/consumers touch points considering the dynamics of business/industry. Right skills, attitude and adoption of emerging technologies takes Pakistan to the next level of success in the global world.

Why Companies go digital

Online features, use of smart phones, and research products online before buying considering testimonials, referrals and word of mouth, digital marketing strategies are crucial to businesses. In Pakistani market, larger population has access to internet with social media users, so business like to invest in digital marketing and e-commerce to target their audience online via mobile devices, which leads to on-spot and significant return on investment (ROI) through digitalization of marketing strategies, brand building, go-to-market activities and changing consumer behaviors. Ease of targeting through consumer profiling, low investment with high ROI due to budget flexibility, mobile advertising and increasing mobile screen time helping companies to grow.

Trend of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

According to recent report that predicts Pakistan’s digital marketing industry will worth more than $ one billion in 2025. While the country’s rapid growth of internet and social media usage target achievement will be beyond and will be eventually leverage businesses in growth, expansion and revenues with profitability.

Digital Business Strategy

Digital marketing has become vital for contemporary business marketing strategy in today’s world. Posting content and advertisements on popular social media platforms are effective way to reach your target market but savvy businesses also employ email marketing, content marketing, SEO and SEM for lead generation, reach target audience, creating brand awareness/promotion and for better results with higher ROI.

Digital landscape

Evolving trends, new technologies, changing behavior are affecting digital space of the companies. Some rising trends of digital marketing changing landscape of Pakistan are:

Careers roles in Digital Marketing

High paying opportunities that’s includes social media managers, PPC experts, digital marketing consultant, digital analytics, SEO/SEM managers and all platforms ad mangers. Emerging opportunities in Pakistan has a potential to succeed for digital marketers.

Future of marketing

The way to sustainable digital marketing is to ethically promote and eco-conscious business online. Digital marketing strategy means think about how to grow community and revenue online with ethics and moral so that wonders would happen. Way to shifts your businesses towards that are: Focus on WHY, values, transparency, culturally sensitive, audience centric approach, don’t cheat and develop the habit to take customer returns positively. It will eventually boost your reputation and increase sales.

Statistics of Digital Pakistan 2022 year – Data, Insights, Trends & Growth:

Pakistan’s population in 2022:

– 227.3 million. Increased by 4.3 million (+1.9 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

– 48.5 percent female & 51.5 percent male.

– 37.8 percent lived in urban centres, while 62.2 percent lived in rural areas.

Pakistan population by #age:

– The median age of the population is 23.2.

Internet use in Pakistan in 2022:

– 82.90 million internet users

– Internet penetration rate 36.5% of the total population.

– Internet users increased by 22 million (+35.9 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

LinkedIn users in Pakistan in 2022:

– 7.60 million “members” in early 2022.

– LinkedIn audience are equivalent to 3.3% of the total population at the start of 2022.

– 5.6% of the “eligible” audience in Pakistan uses LinkedIn in 2022.

– LinkedIn’s ad reach in Pakistan was equivalent to 9.2% of the local internet user base.

– 24.2% of LinkedIn’s ad audience in Pakistan was female, while 75.8% was male.

Social media statistics for Pakistan in 2022:

– There were 71.70 million social media users in January 2022.

– The number of social media users equivalent to 31.5% of the total population.

Facebook users in Pakistan in 2022:

– Facebook had 43.55 million users in early 2022. The audience figures mean that Facebook’s ad reach was equivalent to 19.2% of the total population at the start of 2022.

– 19.1% was female, while 80.9% was male.

YouTube users in Pakistan in 2022:

– 71.70 million users in early 2022. (This figure means that YouTube’s 2022 ad reach was equivalent to 31.5 percent of total population at the start of the year.

– 28.0% was female, while 72.0% was male.

Instagram users in Pakistan in 2022:

– 13.75 million users.

– Instagram’s ad reach in Pakistan was equivalent to 6.0 percent of the total population.

– 34.8% female & 65.2% male.

Twitter users in Pakistan in 2022:

– Almost 3.40 million.

TikTok users in Pakistan in 2022:

– ByteDance’s advertising resources indicate that TikTok had 18.26 million users aged 18 and above in Pakistan. 17.8% female & 82.2% male.

FacebookMessenger users in Pakistan in 2022:

– 12.60 million. 21.6% female & 78.4% male.

Snapchat users in Pakistan in 2022:

– 18.80 million. 31.1% female & 67.1% male.

Mobile  connections in Pakistan in 2022:

– 186.9 million cellular mobile connections. 82.2% of the total population. The number of mobile connections in Pakistan increased by 9.9 million (+5.6 percent) between 2021 and 2022.

Internetconnection speeds in Pakistan in 2022:

– Median mobile internet connection speed via cellular networks 16.35 Mbps & fixed internet connection speed: 8.74 Mbps.

Statistics source: Digitals 2022 Pakistan:

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