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ENA breaking new ground for greener Pakistan

ENA breaking new ground for greener Pakistan

Interview with Mr Amir Salman – CEO, ENA Pakistan


Amir Salman holds immense wisdom and expertise in the realm of multinational concerns, with a professional experience of around 30+ years. Amir Salman is known for his exceptional work and contribution in the development of new products/markets in his assignments with Schneider partners (CNS Engineering and Innovative Pvt Ltd), DuPont, Orix Leasing and Marubeni Corporation.

He quotes saying that his time at JBS has been “an exciting one as the environment is very conducive”. In his professional experience and journey of almost 30 years, he has found JBS a very rare organization to have such an open culture.

Amir Salman is an avid player of golf and loves spending time with his family, whenever given the opportunity. He enjoys meeting new people and making friends. Furthermore, he is also passionate about society’s welfare, and works for the education of children belonging to the lower segments of society.

PAKISTAN & GULF ECONOMIST had an exclusive conversation with Mr Amir Salman, CEO – ENA Pakistan. Excerpts of the conversation are as follows:

Let me start off with our future plans with a monumental development which is going to take place and would augur well for the economy of our country. Energy and Automation (ENA), which is a company of Jaffer Business Systems (JBS), has collaborated with Jolta Battery Private Limited, a sister company of Jolta Electric, is going to invest $35 million over the period of next 3 to 5 years to work on graphine-based Supercapacitors with an innovative power backup storage technology called ‘ENARGEZE SUPERPOWER’. Currently we assemble this technology by importing raw material, however, we intend to develop this technology in Pakistan and are geared up to export it to Middle East, South Asia and Africa initially and then would move to other destinations. No one is manufacturing this technology at this moment in Pakistan however there are international players who could be deemed our competitors.

We provide solutions to the telecom and banking sector. The Supercapacitor is 25 times better than VRLA dry batteries. This new technology is safe to use and minimizes the use of generators in the bigger picture, this will contribute to a greener Pakistan by reducing carbon footprint and fuel consumption. This is the most advanced technology in Pakistan, which will be significantly helpful to the national exchequer by reducing the import bill of up to $1 billion in three to four years. This technology is ideally suited for Telecom, Banking, Solar, UPS and Micro-Grid Applications.

When it comes to solar energy, we cater to the needs of the households and commercial sector. Inconsistent government policies hamper the growth of solar energy. This baffles the customers and the service providers alike. Solar energy has established itself as an inexpensive source of power generation. The world installed 129 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity in 2020, which is more than three times Pakistan’s total installed power generation capacity.

In 2016, ENA Pakistan came up as SME in the world of power solutions and backup. We started off as a company aiming to provide solutions to the problems caused by frequent power outage and interruption. Living in a country where people usually are not able to work up to their full potential due to the day-to-day problems arising in the industries, our aim was to enhance productivity and aid in the progress of various companies.

Stepping into the business, the urge for innovation, to provide flawless solutions to our customers and achieve excellence, we worked more into IoT devices and IoT-based solutions, which are a mandatory part of not only every industry but individual lives also. Within a very short time, we were able to attract customer attention and trust by our dedicated teamwork. Hence, vigorously, ENA headway to the heart of its customers by their conscientious solutions and ascended to Energy and Automation Pakistan Pvt Ltd (ENA Pakistan Pvt Ltd).

The ingenuity of the ENA Pakistan was perceived by JBS (one of the best IT solution providers), fostering it to ENA Pakistan – a Company of JBS which is a matter of great privilege. The journey has just started though and we believe we can show the world that a group of dedicated, tech savvy innovative people can revolutionize the world of IoT and power solutions by their impeccable services and broad vision.

IoT and Data center has paved the way for multifunctional devices making our lives faster and easier. Interference in the efficiency of our devices due to power issues can slow down the speed of our lives. In this world of competition, no one wants to hang back even for a second. For every problem there is an answer! This is where we display our expertise, providing the right solution and answer to all your problems. ENA comprises of an enthusiastic group of individuals, motivated to become a successful brand that pops up to the mind when it comes to IoT and power solutions.

What makes us stand out is our dedication, the remarkable people who joined us to make our team more powerful in terms of the work we display and our adaptability to the ever changing world and industrial demand. This calls for innovation, excellence displayed in the work and credibility.

Our focus has always been to work in collaboration such that we can help industries deal with day-to-day problems, providing simple solutions, therefore providing them stress-free and hassle-free environment to maximize their productivity and help them work at their full potential, while we back them up, for our national interest. ENA Pakistan is therefore your ultimate mainstay to power and automation snags you face during acceleration to success.

Not only this, ENA is equipped to steer its clients clear off the imminent pickles. We keep you running smooth when the main power is unavailable for your devices while our IoT devices aid in inventing a smarter tomorrow. ENA helps you leap towards empowerment through connectivity and smart devices, paving your way to success.

Our expertise include:

The year 2020 marked a major turning point for our society. Along with the heightening of uncertainties brought about by Covid-19, people’s lifestyle and workstyle as well as medical, educational and other social systems as a whole underwent major changes. Through these changes we have experienced the great power and value of IoT and efficient cost effective energy management technologies. These digitally spurred social changes are more likely to continue from now on.

I would like to see ENA stand at the center and be the driver of these dynamic changes. In doing so we have a responsibility to transform our strengths into the concrete value of safety, security, fairness and efficiency from the standpoint of consumer, and to continuously deliver these values to our society. I believe this is exactly what society expects from us, in other words, this is purpose of ENA. To fulfil this purpose, we endeavor to connect digital technologies and human hopes, and to implement a vision of brighter and greener environment-friendly future world.

Selecting an Energy Efficient Technology and IoT services partner is a foundational decision and one that is likely to cause ripples of impact throughout your organization for years to come. That decision bears tremendous weight in my mind, encouraging myself and the ENA team to bring our very best to each engagement. We Believe in Building Lasting Partnerships.

Smart Rack Micro Data Center:

We bridge the gap of traditionally separate worlds of OT & IT with Micro Data Centre solutions that meet challenges at the edge and deliver a unified IoT architecture.

Our clients may choose from a wide range of enclosures for traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.

Solar Power Solutions:

Solar power has become so affordable that a top quality solar power system can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years. ENA offers a complete solar power solution that supports an industry to save high cost of electricity and utilize them in the expansion of business, eventually more profitability. We can provide On-Grid Solar Systems, Off-grid Solar Systems and Hybrid Solar Systems, depending on location, availability of electricity, brownout situation or specific customer requirements.

Off-Grid Solar Systems work by generating electricity from solar panels and using it to charge a solar battery via an inverter so that it can power up your office or factory. Therefore, it is possible to run your electrical load exclusively from solar energy, even at night or during times when there is less than optimal sun exposure. To ensure access to electricity at all times, off-grid solar systems require battery storage.

On-Grid Solar Systems (also known as Grid-Tie) are by far the most common and widely used by businesses. These systems are connected to the utility power grid and do not require battery storage. This solar system sends excess power generated back to the grid when you are overproducing, which has now become a source of earning, since Net-Metering Scheme has been introduced in Pakistan.

Hybrid solar systems combine the best from On-Grid and Off-Grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar, with utility backup power, or on-grid solar, with extra battery storage. This means that your office or factory will never be out of electricity.

Power Backup Solutions:

We believe in developing strong and long term relations with our customers and so we call them as our Business Partners. Our foremost purpose is to serve our Business Partners by providing reliable and state of the art technology products. And, this is just the beginning of partnership; our relationship mainly builds by giving the best after sales support and services, an area where most of the other companies lack.

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) product line includes all from top of the line APC by Schneider Electric UPS to the high end of Chinese/Taiwanese technology.

Power Protection Solutions:

Our portfolio includes Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and Voltage Surge Suppressor. We also offer a wide range of standard and tailored-fit services to make sure that the customer’s unique needs are satisfactorily and precisely met.

For seamless transfer of power sources in residential units, data centers and other critical applications, we have all types of APC by Schneider Electric’s ATS/ STS.

We offer all types of APC by Schneider Electric’s premium surge protection devices for residential, business and industrial applications.

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