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Build a Brand out of Yourself

Build a Brand out of Yourself

Branding is a process which involves creating of a specific name, logo and an image of a particular product, service or company. Branding is done to attract customers by portraying the best of the characteristics possessed by a product produced by any company. Branding allures the consumers to mesmerize their emotions for positive connectivity with the branded product and seller of the product. The best practically adopted strategy is to advertise the products with consistent theme. Brands are perceived varyingly both by buyers and sellers with their respective perspectives. Buyers usually take brand as good or service, whereas merchants associate brand with identity. Brand also specifies the company behind the product. When we say clothing outlets then there will be many but if we say “Brand Name” then it is brand and the apparel being sold is branded wear. To make the concept more clear branding puts “face” behind the name, which is the result of advertising copy or TV commercials. Brand is to create PR and media hype and it does not speak about the quality of the product.

From the merchant’s point of view branding is a way of taking everything that is good about the company –positive shopping experience, professionalism, superior service, product knowledge, whatever company wants to portray to the consumer is done and consumers believe in it because all the characteristics are wrapped into a package that can be evoked by the brand as signifier.

The earliest sign of branding can be traced back to Europe where craftsmen put trade marks on their product to protect themselves and producer against inferior quality substitutes. Brands identifies the source of the product and allow consumers either individual or organizations – to assign responsibility to a particular manufacturer or distributor. Brands simplify the product handling and tracing because consumers lives have become complicated. Brand names are also registered trade mark of the companies; help to organize inventories and accounting records. Though the intellectual rights the companies can safely invest in the brand and can enjoy benefits over a long Period of time. Brand name means quality and brand loyalty secures the brand demand and products can be sold at high prices and makes the entry of new firms difficult. Brand is a perpetual identity that is implemented in accordance with the perceptions, beliefs, ultimate choice of the consumers. Branding demands consumer’s knowledge of “who” the product – by giving a name. Branding means framing mental structures of the consumers in such a way that they can organize their knowledge about products and services in a way that their decision making is clear and they are able to provide value to the firm.

Brand is the proprietary visual, emotional, rational and cultural image that consumer make in their minds about the product or company. Brand association makes your product choice easy and enhance the value and satisfaction one gets from the purchase of product. The childhood memories of any brand i-e emotional attachment / relationship with any particular brand make the brand powerful like the oil brand, butter brand, cheese brand, hair oil, soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes, clothing brand are cherished at any stage of life by the consumer. Brand is a set of elements or “brand assets” that creates a unique, memorable, un-mistakable and valuable relationship between an organization and its customers. To represent business plan and intentions of an organization visual, written and vocal tools are used. The brand image manages many elements of visual image assets and language assets. The process of managing the brand, to the business plan is very important in the management of marketing variables and tactics along with “big change situation”.

Pakistan is a land of tall mountains, flowing singing rivers, green grassy fields, silvery shining deserts, blessed with treasure of gems, jewels and precious metals. Almighty God has blessed us with four seasons. The blossoming flowers, the snow covered peaks, the scorching hot and sultry summer, Orange yellow leaves carpeting the surface of the earth to signify the beauty of autumn and cold freezing temperatures of winter give us opportunities to choose and dress up according to the season. The colors, patterns, texture of fabric, its designs are prepared in accordance with the demand of the consumers designed in accordance with the national and international standards. Apparel Brands Charge in exorbitant prices for their products. Branded clothing has value not only in Pakistan but also in abroad. To purchase a branded suit is not less expensive than a luxury. Most women brands are selling fashionable and exquisite clothes of high quality that every women is interested to buy. Dresses are also designed for festive occasions and weddings on order. This trend of buying readymade dresses has helped in emergence of a great variety of different brands and a stream of young talented designers fully equipped with new computer graphics, digital marketing skills and relevant degree have entered in the fashion industry. They are making dresses of stunning colors, patterns, embroidery sewn with eastern and western look of utmost comfort and elegance.

Here top twenty four clothing brands of Pakistan which have now attained the status of international brands are summarized with the best possible details. Here we will list the features of clothing brands to make a comparative analysis of various brands.

Top Twenty Four Apparel Brands Of Pakistan.
S.No Brand Name Starting date of Business Traits of Brand Types of Products / Apparel No of Outlets in Pakistan & Abroad Average Starting Price Range Unique Feature
1 Zellbury 2016 Digital Market OutlookTrustworthy

Economical Brand

Affordable prices

Unstitched and Stitched, Ready to Wear Dresses, Pret Range with up to date figures In major cities of Pakistan PKR 1990 Effective Designs & Durable Textiles.
2 Cross Stitching Exquisite and Elegant dressesBlend of Textile with Stunning Embroidery. Stitched & Unstitched In Major Cities of Pakistan. PKR 4000 Cross StitchPattern,

Important Dates, Cultural Embroidery, Wedding Cross Stitch.

3 Deepak Perwani 1994 Have made Guinness Record by making world largest kurta of 101 feet length & 800 kg weight. Both Men & Women Dresses.Stitched In major cities like Ibd, Kyc & Lhr High range prices Dresses in both Easter & Western Styles.
4 Asim Jofa 2009 It creates its own fabric for a distinct look and a wide range of perfection Unstitched and ready to wear garments LahoreIslamabad


High Price Range Distinct Style & most up to date fashion. Bridal Dresses are in the top wanted list.
5 Lime Light 2010 Most Selling Brand of Pakistan in recent two yearsStunning Patterns Stitched ,Unstitched, Formal & Casual Wear moving to kids and men’s wear Bags, Clutches, Wallets, Wraps, Bottoms, Sleep wear, Jewelry & Accessories 50 plus stores in Pakistan Eastern & Western Designs.
6 Khaddi 1998 Economical PricesDurable Fabric, Nice Colors and designs Stitched, Unstitched Formal Wear, Bridal Wear, Bedding and Home Creations. More than 40 outlets in Pakistan.UK, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia PKR 1800 – PKR 2500 Hand Woven Fabric
7 Sapphire 1969/2014 Best quality Stuff of its lawn.Brand for all ages

Fashionable and attractive designs.

Unstitched, Stitched, Haute Couture, Shoes, Hand Bags & Accessories. Lahore.Karachi

Islamabad and other major cities of Pakistan

PKR 3000 Soft and High quality FabricDistinctive Designs

Large Prints

And color contrast

8 Warda Style, great pattern, quality & affordability Unstitched & Stitched In major cities only PKR 890 Casual & Formal Fabrics.
9 Beechtree Color Contrast & TrendsCool Look for both Summer & Winter Unstitched & Stitched In major cities only PKR 1800 Floral Motifs that are trendy and cool.
10 Generation 1983 Embraces FeministCollection of Formal & Casual ready to wear clothes. Unstitched & Stitched In major cities only Average beginning price is PKR 1350 Latest Designs according to Fashion.Experimenting and giving new looks to women.
11 Zeen Wide variety of elegant yet delicate prints Ready to wear clothing for women. In major cities only. PKR 2000 Vibrant Colors, Pallete & outstanding patterns.
12 Orient New original printsBrilliant Colors

Geometrical patterns

Men’s & Children’s clothing at Retail Prices. In major cities only PKR 1550 Original prints
13 Sana Safinaz 1989 Colorful designs & Vivid ColorsAffordable prices

Geometric Patterns

Women’s Stitched, Unstitched packaged suits, Accessories and Foot wear. Stores in all cities of Pakistan PKR 900 Eastern Ready to wearThey provide World Wide shipping

100 % pure fabric with unique colors, Prints and designs.

14 Bonanza Satrangi 1976 Feminine Clothing to empower the womenTop Clothing Brand Women, Men’s Children’s Stitched & Unstitched Stores in all cities of Pakistan PKR 1250 One Stop SolutionMost famous labels Satrangi and Bonanza
15 GulAhmed 1953 Exceptional Fabric Quality Textile Company Unstitched Ready to Wear Garments, Beddings, Home Creations, Hand Bags, Jewelry etc Stores in all cities of Pakistan PKR 1500 Vibrant Designs, Unique Prints, Long lasting Fabrics, Lawn, Silk, Cotton, Khaddar, Cambric
16 Nishat Linen 1989 Superior quality StuffPopular among Middle & Upper Class

Lovely Designs and Decent Colors Embroidery Designs

Women, Men & KidsUnstitched & Ready to Wear Collection. LahoreIslamabad


Karachi and other big cities.

PKR 4000 Heart touching printsDistinct fascinating designs and minimum fancy work

Long lasting material

17 Al-Karam 1986 High quality Apparel and elaborate work on elegant garments.Innovative textile solutions. Sizable Assortment for Men & children Stitched & Unstitched. Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan , Gujranwala, Swat, Narowal, Mirpur, Bahawalpur, Sargodha, Daska, Muzaffarabad, Mardan and also in DUBAI PKR 1550 Fashionable Clothing at Reasonable prices.
18 So Kamal 2012 Retail Eastern Clothing BrandOld textile Mill of Pakistan Stitched & Unstitched In major cities only PKR 2500 Gorgeous floral design& beautiful colours.
19 BTW 1974 Color Cream material lawnSleek, Cool & trendy designs for teenagers Stitched Casual Apparel purses, Shoes, Scarves and accessories. In major cities only PKR 3000 Popular brand among femalesDigital printed lawn material

Embroidred patch.

20 Maria B 1999 Modern Clothing BrandCasual Western Ready to Wear, Haute Couture. Stitched & Unstitched Ready to wear Women’s Collection IslamabadKarachi


PKR 2700 Global Brand because its commercials are made abroad
21 Kayseria 1985 High Quality Embroidered Art & Cultural depictionDresses are combination of tradition & modernity on literal use of Art & Design Stitched & Unstitched Stores available in all cities of PakistanAbu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, London PKR 4000 Long lasting stuff which can be used for years.Gorgeous , one to oe kind & pattern, Elegant Designs
22 J. 2002 Ethnic Wear, One of a kind design and fashionable wear. Clothing for Men, Women & children, perfumes & Accessories All cities of Pakistan and all countries where Pakistanis live PKR 1250 Elegant Appealing Eastern ClothingMost Expensive Clothing Brand in Pakistan.
23 Rang Ja 2012 Ethnic Apparel, Formal WearVibrant Orange Hues & gorgeous colors Stitched formal Wear In few cities PKR 3000 Popular among girlsInnovative experimental product range

Delivers young, hip and creative designs keeping the style up to date with the latest

24 Ethnic by Outfitters. 2013 Unique design casual wearHighly on demand by Women & girls. Stitched & Un -Stitched Lahore & 30 plus cities of Pakistan High price range .Famous among Pakistani Women

Fashion is enjoyable if it is available at economically affordable price. No doubt Pakistani’s clothing industry is providing fashionable, elegant & presentable clothes. These top 24 Apparel brands in Pakistan have their showrooms from where these clothes can be bought from store fronts at reasonable prices.

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